Officiating is an integral part of squash at all levels and is an important area to focus on for the game to flourish both recreationally and at the professional level. Squash is an inherently challenging game with important rules that can affect the result of a match. The presence of a qualified official assists to produce a fair outcome, enhances safety and promotes good sportsmanship.

The US Squash Officiating program provides a development pathway for players and interested parties that is experience and competency-based and requires continuing education and assessment at each level. Anyone can become a referee. All that is needed is a sound understanding of the rules together with excellent communication skills so that both the players and spectators understand what is happening.


Official Ball

US Squash Holds 2020 Annual Meeting of the Members

In accordance with the Association By-laws, ARTICLE IV, Section 1, the Association hosts an Annual Meeting of the Members. This year the meeting was held via Zoom Thursday, June 18. The meeting was led by a panel of US Squash Directors and Staff Leadership: Mark Pagon, Chairman of the Board; Soo Venkatesan, Vice-chair of the Board; Kevin Klipstein, President & CEO; Kim Clearkin, Vice President of Programs & Events; and Ned Edwards, Executive Director of...

Junior Referee Certification to be Required for Tournament Participation

US Squash is committed to providing meaningful experiences and a fair environment to all competitors at accredited tournaments. In service of this and to enhance the level of refereeing at tournaments, junior players will be required to pass their age-appropriate referee certification exam in order to register for tournaments beginning this summer. Starting on July 1, 2018, players must have passed the appropriate referee exam to participate in Gold level tournaments and starting on September...

National Center Project Unanimously Greenlighted by US Squash Board

Following US Squash’s early May announcement to retain Ned Edwards to explore the fundraising potential for a National Center as part of US Squash’s long term strategic plans, the Board of Directors approved moving to the next phase in the initiative at a recent meeting in New York. The US Squash Board unanimously expressed its full support behind the National Center project, which would include eighteen singles courts – two four-glass-walled exhibition courts and two...