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Unlock all benefits including access to accredited competitions and championships, ratings and rankings, Club Locker technology to keep you connected to sport, and the knowledge you are supporting our mission centered on access, community, excellence and sportsmanship.

Remember: Your US Squash account is the same as your Club Locker account!
*Some local Districts add a little more to support growing the game.

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Club Locker Benefits

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Score Entry
The most accurate rating in racquet sport
Personal Match Archives and Analytics 6 Weeks All History All History
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Follow your favorites 1 Players 3 Players Unlimited Tracked Players
Organization Rankings
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Membership FAQ's

What if forget my username/password?
Please use the “ Forgot Password?” option at the login screen.
Is there a family membership?
At this time there are only individual US Squash memberships available.
Do I need to become a member to play in tournaments?
For adults, no, but you will pay a higher fee and your results will not garner you a ranking! For juniors, membership is not required for bronze level tournaments, but membership is required for all other junior events.
If I was a member years ago, do I need to create a new account?
No, your information is still in our database! Please use the “ Forgot Password?” option or contact
Can I keep my profile information private?
Contact information can be hidden from your profile. Choose Edit and then Preferences.
Do I need to play other members in order to get a ranking?
No, Rankings are based on rating. In order to receive a rating you need to record match results on your club locker profile. This can be against a member or non-member. Results can be from Leagues, Tournaments or friendly matches.
Where can I find places to play?
You can find a list of clubs from the Clubs option in Club Locker. From the Clubs page you can select a State and all clubs within that state will be listed.
Can I use the same username/password to manage all of my children’s accounts?
No, each member must have a unique username in order to manage their profile. However user profiles can have the same email address associated with them.
How do I take advantage of US Squash member discounts?
Adults avoid the $15 non-member charge for accredited tournaments by being a member.  To get the lowest rates available at Brooks Brothers, and Hertz Rental Cars.  US Squash Members also receive a 10% discount on  

Squash Gear:
10% off with code:  SquashGearCL10

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