Driving the most important initiatives
for the growth of squash in the United States.

Our mission at US Squash is to lead squash's growth and development by increasing access and awareness, supporting meaningful lifelong engagement in the sport, and encouraging sportsmanship while achieving competitive excellence at the highest levels.

From building our Community Affiliate Network in order to improve and expand public squash programming, to organizing skill level tournaments and co-ed team championships, we are striving to make squash more accessible to anyone and everyone across the country.

US Squash is a 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization which relies on the support of the generous and dedicated squash community to fulfill our mission. Become a part of our team today and help grow squash in your community and around the country.

Support our Initiatives

The U.S. Squash Foundation Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is the U.S. Squash Foundation's primary fundraising initiative, serving as a core resource to drive the most important initiatives for the growth of squash in the United States leading up to and beyond the 2028 Olympic Games.

Junior Squash Class Gift Campaign
Honor the hard work of all the junior players around the country, and support our continued efforts to expand access and awareness of squash to all children across the nation.

Women & Girls Initiative
Women & Girls are at the core of our mission to grow the sport of squash. Your donation allows us to invest in education, programming and camps specifically for women and girls.

Sportsmanship Fund
Donations to the Sportsmanship Fund directly supports programs and initiatives that educate and train our players on the importance of playing with sportsmanship and integrity.

Specter Center Community Fund
The Specter Center Community Fund is an essential part of our commitment to access. 100% of donations to the Specter Center Community Fund directly support free and reduced-cost memberships and program enrollments at the Specter Center.