Because We Serve You and the Sport You Love.

Many are surprised to learn that US Squash is a 501c3 nonprofit membership organization which relies on the support of the squash community to fulfill our mission.

We are proud of the services we deliver, from our support of accredited tournaments and leagues to hosting National Championships and fielding our National Teams to providing the Club Locker technology that powers it all. These are just a few of the many services we provide, however we couldn’t provide it without your support.

We serve with humility and the deepest appreciation for the support we receive. More succinctly, thank you for playing your role as the most important aspect of US Squash – as a member of the U.S. squash community.

US Squash Operations Support the Squash Community

US Squash plays a core and vital role every day in the sport to provide the foundation for activity. This has never been more true than today as we work tirelessly to advise and support facilities across the country to safely return to play and return to competition.

US Squash is central to the sport returning to pre-Covid levels and critical to all other squash activity in the U.S. For example, funded directly from US Squash operations in just the five years leading up to the 2019-2020 season, US Squash provided millions of dollars in support of the community:

  • Public and private high school leagues
  • The College Squash Association
  • Squash & Education Alliance (SEA) and member programs
  • Local Districts
  • Investments in Club Locker’s capabilities
  • Fledgling middle and high school programs
  • Racquetball court conversions
  • SEA participant college scholarships
  • Team USA high-performance athlete support
  • Major and essential investments in the growth and development of the sport


An unprecedented existential threat, combined with our being at a critical stage of most transformative initiative in the history of the sport – the Arlen Specter US Squash Center – and our underlying organizational deficits have combined to create perhaps the most urgent need for support US Squash has ever had and may ever experience.

Unprecedented Existential Threat
  • The global pandemic eliminates up to 70-90% of our revenue base
  • Staff morale and capacity taxed by workload, furloughs & pay cuts
  • Collegiate athletics are under threat generally, along with the varsity status of squash
  • Donor fatigue due to economic uncertainty amidst growing nonprofit needs and competing squash solicitations
The Arlen Specter US Squash Center Enters a Critical Stage
  • Piloting broad community access and inclusion programming, the driving force of US Squash's mission for decades to come
  • The world's finest host site for major championship events all levels, driving significant efficiencies for US Squash
  • High-performance training for all ages by US Squash National Coaches engaging athletes and coaches nationwide in pursuit of excellence
Recently US Squash has:
  • Focused on programs and stimulating growth vs. NGB infrastructure and team
  • Provided unfunded benefits to community (in-kind support, mandates & technology investments)
  • Consistently driven revenues and resources to the community
  • Worked with limited cash reserves on hand

Revenues and Expenses

Typically, events drive a significant portion of annual revenue, between the U.S. Open and our 20 other national championships as well as the Junior Championships Tour. Most assume these event fees generate significant surpluses for US Squash. This is not the case, however. On a direct basis, the cost of hosting events is equal to the fees charged, making our events net losses when we factor in staffing and other shared costs. US Squash earns 9% of its income, or slightly more than $500,000, in accreditation fees, charging a % of each fee processed in exchange for tournament support, and the use of the Club Locker system to process results and rankings.

The unaudited financials show core US Squash operational revenues of $5.9 million in revenue and $6.2 million in expenses, producing a net loss of $296,000.


The majority of US Squash revenues are earned from events and membership. Contributions makes up 11%, or roughly $650,000 of total income.


US Squash spends on organizational capacity to support membership services and events, and invests in technology development to support both. Spending on overhead is limited.


Established in 1904 and incorporated in New York in 1957, US Squash’s governance is led by a Board of Directors made up of 16 independent members and four athlete representatives. Up to four ex-officio members may be selected to serve for one-year terms.

Five standing committees drive regular engagement among Directors and non-Directors serving on the committees including Finance & Audit, Investment, Nominating & Governance, Institutional Advancement and the independent Judiciary. The current and recent high-performance athletes form the Athletes’ Advisory Council in accordance with US Squash’s membership of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

Other committees also serve to support the many US Squash programs including Women’s, Doubles, Hardball Singles, District, Sportsmanship, Hall of Fame & Museum, Rules and Referee, Medical Advisory and Sport Science, and National Teams. Advisory Panels and Councils also inform and support US Squash programs including the Junior Squash Advisory Panel and the Teaching Pro Advisory Council.

The US Squash President & CEO serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and manages the staff in carrying out the responsibilities of all day-to-day US Squash operations.

OUR PROGRAMS - At US Squash we Serve:










Sport Development

In addition to the millions of dollars of in-kind and direct support to the sport, US Squash serves as the sport’s officially designated national governing body and its most forceful advocate. In that role to drive key programming for the sport’s development, we:

  • Invest in the necessary infrastructure to support the growth and development of the sport
  • Advocate for and create opportunities for junior and adult participants
  • Select, organize and fund all Team USA Squash competition internationally
  • Provide direct financial support to the best American athletes
  • Ensure the availability of training, development, certification and continuing educational opportunities
  • Recognize leaders in the community who demonstrate the qualities the sport values, and
  • Honor the game’s special history.


  • US Squash provided $1.05 million of in-kind and direct support for private and public high school leagues, the College Squash Association, Squash & Education Alliance (SEA) and member programs and local Districts and fledgling middle and high school programs
  • Provided grants to convert racquetball courts, college scholarships to SEA participant and direct Team USA high-performance athlete support
  • Invested $1.0 million in technology to build out Club Locker’s capabilities. Roughly 110,000+ matches were recorded on the system and 225,000+ court reservations were made
  • Launched the Community Affiliate Program initiative and partnered with three Community Affiliate facilities across the country to jump-start the effort to broaden access to the sport
  • Organized Women’s Squash Week which included a dozen countries on five continents and more than 1,000 women participating
  • Operated more than a dozen major Regional and National Championships including the inaugural Interscholastic Team Championships
  • Supported more than 350 accredited tournaments and 1,600 league teams
  • Hosted two World Championships in the U.S. – the Women’s and Men’s Worlds and the World Men’s Team Championship
  • Certified 85 new Coaches and 38 new regional and national-level Referees
  • Recognized dozens of leaders in our community with National Awards in Sportsmanship, Special Recognition Awards, and Most-Improved honors to reward the pursuit of excellence
  • Honored 44 High School All-Americans, and 391 Scholar-Athletes
  • Fielded Junior and Senior National Teams at World Championships
  • Inducted two new members into the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame


We will never be able to adequately express our deep appreciation for the loyal and generous supporters of US Squash. We rely on their vision and support to take steps towards realizing our vision of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds across the country enjoying squash, playing the game with a positive spirit, and participating in programs that foster camaraderie, facilitate competition and encourage healthy lifestyles.

To our generous supporters: THANK YOU!