About Junior Squash

US Squash’s junior programming offers opportunities for children of all backgrounds to learn to play squash, have fun, and develop both their athletic and squash abilities at a pace that suits their individual needs and preferences.


Junior squash includes all squash activities for players who are under the age of nineteen. There is a tremendous amount of programming and opportunity for players of all ages and abilities to start playing or otherwise participate at hundreds of facilities across the United States.

Promoting an active lifestyle for children is incredibly important for general health, and participating in organized youth sport, such as squash, is proven to have many long lasting, positive benefits on the all-around development of a child. Among the documented benefits are:

  • Physical Health: improved motor skills and coordination, promotes active lifestyle, improved physical fitness, reduced rates of obesity, builds healthy habits which carry over into adulthood.
  • Mental Health: improved concentration, increases confidence and self-esteem, reduced rates of anxiety and depression.
  • Educational Pursuits: improved academic achievement, higher likelihood of attending and graduating college
  • Life Skills: teaches discipline and dedication, time management, work ethic, managing difficult situations.
  • Social Skills: offers structured activities, provides opportunity to meet new people.

Return to Competition
Where allowed by government and facility regulations, US Squash will accredit play in local and regional junior tournaments with the results posting to player profiles and impacting their US Squash rating. Facilities and regions may also run accredited league play, including box leagues, team leagues and ladders, all of which will also impact ratings.

The most up-to-date information on the return of accredited competition is available here:    Return to Competition


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2020-2021 Scholar Athlete Award Applications Open

Applications for the 2020-2021 US Squash Scholar Athlete Award are now available, providing high school students the opportunity to be recognized for their academic and athletic accomplishments over the past year. The deadline for applications is July 31, 2021. The Scholar Athlete Award recognizes high school students who excel in...

2021-2022 National Championship Schedule Released

US Squash has announced a preliminary schedule of national championships, including a full slate of previously postponed 2021 events. The calendar release is an exciting and important milestone in the comeback of the sport from the impacts of the pandemic. Events marked with (SC) will take place in Philadelphia at...

US Squash Hosts Junior Squash Return-to-Competition Update and Q&A

 The process of returning to full junior competition and ratings-based rankings enters its second stage on May 28, 2021. The most recent information on this process is always available at ussquash.org/return. Kim Clearkin, US Squash Vice President of Programs and Events, and Dent Wilkens, US Squash Senior Vice President of...

YES Let’s! Kids Raise Their Voice

For the last decade US Squash ‘s focus has been rooted in its four core objectives: access, community, excellence and sportsmanship. This remains the case today, and now, kids have the opportunity to raise their voice in a direct conversation with US Squash President & CEO Kevin Klipstein. The...

US Squash Celebrates Sportsmanship and Class of 2021 During Junior Awards Night

US Squash celebrated commitment, excellence and sportsmanship in junior squash and the remarkable resilience the community has shown through this past year during the 2021 US Squash Junior Awards Night Wednesday, May 12. To highlight the ongoing comeback of the sport from the impacts of the pandemic, the evening...

Sapinski and Wurts Honored with DeRoy Sportsmanship Award

Graduating junior squash players Katherine Sapinski and Merritt Wurts were presented with the 2021 DeRoy Sportsmanship Awards during the 2021 Junior Awards Night Wednesday, May 12. Since 1998, the DeRoy Sportsmanship Award has honored one female and male graduating high school senior who displayed exemplary behavior on and off the...