Celebrating the Class of 2024: Second Installment

Thousands of junior squash players of all levels across the country compete and enjoy squash as a regular part of their lives. Each year, hundreds graduate from junior squash while retaining the values practiced in the sport, the close and enduring friendships they have formed, and with an enduring love for squash as a lifelong sport.

Beginning in 2020, US Squash has celebrated the graduating senior class by publishing personal reflections from players on their junior squash careers, and what they look forward to in their next chapter in life and squash.

Below is the first installment for 2024 of this ongoing series. If you are a Class of 2024 high school senior and have not already submitted your own picture and reflection, please follow these instructions to do so.

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I started squash as a casual hobby, but over the 11+ years that I’ve been playing, this sport has had an immense impact on who I’ve become as a person. The rigorous practice and tournament schedule often challenged me as I worked to maintain a healthy squash and academic balance. However, in the absence of the challenges and losses, I never would have gained as much confidence and composure on court, in school and in my life in general. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of junior squash and look forward to continuing my academic and athletic journey with Cornell next year.
I started playing squash when I was only 4 years old. Since the moment I stepped on the court it was my absolute favorite thing to do. When I was 6, I would literally have to be dragged off court crying, by my parents so they could go just go home; it must’ve been a nightmare. Through squash I learned how to work hard to win and, be resilient through the ups and downs. The one thing that never wavered was my true genuine love for this game. Beyond the thousands of matches I’ve played and the millions of balls I’ve hit, this sport has given me some of my closest friends, my best memories, taught me to be a team player, a leader, and many invaluable lessons. Beyond my friends, I had some of my best memories with my older brother and sister, who were both role models for me in squash. From the long car rides with my whole family to the amazing wins, I’ve learned so much from squash. The person I am today is a product of this amazing sport and the community that surrounds it and me. It’s crazy to say that my junior career is over, but I’m so excited to continue my journey playing squash at Princeton and beyond, as I know I’ll play for the rest of my life.
Junior squash has been one of the most formative parts of my life. It has taught me so much about myself as an athlete, a student, and as a person. Through playing on the Lawrenceville squash team, I have learned to be a leader while also supporting my teammates and nourishing my competitive and athletic spirit. While playing squash began as something I shared with my family, the Junior Squash community has fostered lifelong relationships with players and coaches, a community I am proud to also call my family. I am so excited to continue playing squash in college at UVA!
I am grateful to US squash for giving me the opportunity to play this sport these past years. Throughout my squash career it’s not only been a privilege to play such talented people, but what I most value is having made close friends through competition. I will hold the lessons I’ve learned and the memories I’ve made during my junior squash career close to my heart as I go forward to play in college.
Squash has made such a huge impact on my life. Even though I started late since I played multiple sports growing up, I truly fell in love with the game of squash. I realized it was what I wanted to play in college and that is exactly what I have strived to do since freshman year. It has pushed me physically and mentally, which has shown me how much I can preserve through rough times. Also, it has shown me that if I truly work at something and just put in the work, I can achieve what I have worked towards. Without squash, I would never have had the opportunity to go to Melbourne and try out for the Australian National Team. If I never stuck with squash, I would not have been able to meet some amazing people in Australia and gotten to travel across the world.
Junior squash has been one of the best experiences of my life! It has given me some of my closest friends, while teaching me to navigate a rollercoaster of emotions.

I will forever be grateful for the lessons of grit, perseverance and sportsmanship it is instilled in me! I especially want to say thank you to my coaches, sister, and parents for all they’ve done to help me become the player i am today!

I look forward to continuing my squash and academic journey at Middlebury College!