Graduating Seniors Reflections

In an effort to recognize and honor all graduating seniors for their participation in squash over the years, and highlight their achievements, US Squash is asking graduating seniors to share some reflections on their junior squash career. 

Many have already submitted a photo and a brief reflection on their junior squash experiences, and we would love to include you in this story to celebrate your achievements over your junior career and wish you the best as you move onto the next chapter in life. 

What we are requesting is: 

  1. A photo of you, ideally in a shirt/sweatshirt of the college you will be attending next year. We request that the photo is a head on shot and that you are not wearing a hat or sunglasses or anything else that may be obstructing your face. 
  1. A brief comment on your junior squash experience. What role has squash played in your life? What is a positive memory you have? Again, this is meant to be brief, so around 150-200 words would be perfect. 

Please email your photo and reflection to  

A sample submission is below: 

Naomi Jefferson-Sambanis | WILLIAMS COLLEGE
My junior squash career has been one of my life’s most pivotal and influential experiences throughout my childhood. From such a young age, through the ups and down, squash has taught me valuable lessons in sportsmanship, hard work, and persistence. I have learned how to balance competition with community, creating many friendships I will cherish forever. I look forward to continuing my squash journey in the college world.
I’ve learned many lessons through playing junior squash such as the importance of putting in effort, facing one’s fears and the value of persistence.  As an individual sport, these lessons come with the territory.  Playing as part of a team in high school taught me leadership and allowed me to play for something bigger than myself.  For me, though, the best thing about playing squash has been all the people I’ve met along the way.  Off-court time spent with teammates and friends and all the guidance from the amazing coaches I’ve been fortunate to work with – these are the things I’ll remember best and what I most look forward to continuing in college.