US Squash Launches New Universal Squash Rating Junior Circuit

US Squash has created the Universal Squash Rating (USR) Junior Circuit—a category of accredited junior tournaments based on player ratings to establish a broadly accessible competitive environment for all youth squash players. USR Circuit tournaments will be hosted in cities nationwide and will represent a new pathway for players to easily engage in fun, developmental play. The USR Junior Circuit sits alongside, not in replacement of, the current structure of junior points-based rankings and tournaments.

The USR, formerly known as a player rating, is a number assigned to each player as a measure of their relative level of play. As before, every match informs the USR algorithm, whether it’s a friendly club match, league play, or a USR Circuit tournament.

USR Junior Circuit tournaments will group players into divisions based on skill level to create meaningful and competitive play for all players regardless of their age, gender or playing ability.

The USR circuit is expected to grow overall junior participation and create new opportunities for play by:

  • Lowering barriers for player participation
  • Creating a fun and supportive competitive experience
  • Empowering local communities to run competitions in formats that meet their needs

Lowering Barriers for Player Participation

Confirmed Entry: In USR Junior Circuit tournaments, registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the entry number limit is reached. All players will enter the same player pool, and then will be split into divisions of similarly rated players after all entries are received. This allows players to know immediately upon registration that they will be able to compete in the tournament, unlike points-based ranking tournaments in which players must wait to see if their ranking qualifies them to make the cut list.

Group/Program Friendly: Larger groups of players from the same school or program can enter a tournament together, knowing ahead of time that they will be able to attend the tournament if there is enough entry space.

Reduced Time and Travel and Cost: Tournaments will also attract players from the immediate city or region, shortening the amount of travel required to compete. Many USR Junior Circuit events will also be held over shorter time periods—some in a single day or even part of a day—reducing time and resource impact on families.

Competitive Match Play: Even if there aren’t enough players in an area from a specific age division, USR-based divisions will group players of like ability together and provide a tournament experience where one might not normally be possible.

Creating a Fun, Supportive Tournament Experience

USR Junior Circuit tournaments will group players into divisions by playing level—regardless of gender or age (though all players must be 18 years old or younger)—which will ensure that more matches are competitive in each tournament.

These events are also ideal for players looking to practice and improve their level of play in a less-pressured atmosphere than those with ranking points on the line.

Empowering Local Squash Communities

Local facilities and tournament directors are best positioned to understand the needs of their local squash community, and the USR Junior Circuit provides them with the flexibility and scalability to be responsive. Tournament Directors can schedule and host as many USR Junior Circuit events as they deem there is demand for in their area. These events are not regulated by strict policies that limit their structure and format.

USR events can be hosted at any size of facility—each tournament can determine the appropriate number of players and size of divisions. These events can be run on shorter timeframes, lowering the impact on facility costs and court time.

How to play and engage in the USR Junior Circuit

An initial set of USR Junior Circuit tournaments are now posted on Club Locker here:



More events are being added regularly. Players and families interested in playing in USR tournaments in their area are encouraged to reach out to nearby squash facilities to indicate their interest. Facilities can contact US Squash directly at to place tournaments on the calendar.

Additionally, players will note changes to Club Locker player profiles bringing their USR to a place of more prominence, and USR-based player lists will be available by age division and country of residence. This will aid players and coaches in understanding where a player’s rating stands relative to their peers, outside of the normal structure of the points-based rankings system.

USR Junior Circuit FAQ’s
  1. Can I play in USR Junior Circuit tournaments as well as junior ranking-points tournaments?
    • Yes, you do not need to choose between playing only one type of tournament. Players can still earn ranking points in JCT/Gold/Silver/Bronze tournaments, while also competing in USR circuit tournaments for practice, fun, and ongoing development.
  1. Do USR Junior Circuit tournaments impact my points-based ranking?
    • No, USR circuit tournaments do not affect your junior points-based ranking. Competition in these tournaments will impact a player’s USR based on the outcome of the match, just like any tournament or other match entered into Club Locker.
  1. Does the USR Junior Circuit, and USR ratings list, mean that players now have two rankings?
    • The US Squash junior rankings will continue to be based off the points a player earns in points-based junior tournaments (JCT/Gold/Silver/Bronze). While there are not USR-specific rankings, players will be able to see how their rating compares against others in the sortable USR-based lists in Club Locker. Following their USR will also help players track their progress and improvement over time.
  1. Why start the USR Junior Circuit?
    • While the points-based ranking tournaments are popular and growing in participation, the junior squash community has diverse needs that can’t all be met by this structure. USR Junior Circuit tournaments will help address some of these gaps through providing new competitive opportunities in a fun environment, against similar-level players, with formats that can be adapted to each unique squash community.
  1. Who should play USR tournaments?
    • USR Junior Circuit tournaments are designed for players across levels and all ages up to 18. Below are a few examples of players and communities for whom USR tournaments make sense:
      • Players looking for competitive opportunities who live in an area that is geographically isolated from more concentrated squash markets that offer many ranking points-based events
      • A team or program who would like to a group of players to participate in a tournament, but those players are of different levels and wouldn’t all qualify into the same level junior points-based tournament
      • Players looking for alternative competitive opportunities outside of junior points-based tournaments
      • Players who are entering tournament play for the first time who want a low-pressure entry point to competitive play
      • Players looking to compete against different types of opponents who are close to their own skill level
      • Facilities that don’t have enough players or courts to run a rankings-points junior tournament (or frequently see age divisions cancelled or combined due to inadequate participation), but who can leverage the flexibility of the USR circuit to create an event that works for their community
USR Background

Learn more about the USR Algorithm: