US Squash Loyalty Donor Society

19 Years of Giving
Susan and George Cady
Marcia and Peter Lasusa
Hillary and Charles Parkhurst
Eve and Leo Pierce
Jessie Chai and Tom Poor
Debora and James Zug

18 Years of Giving

David Barrett
Robert Phillip Bixby
Charles Crawford

17 Years of Giving

Oregon Community Foundation
Leslie Henshaw and F. Rene Mendez

16 Years of Giving
Mary and Jack Herrick
John Nelson

15 Years of Giving
Ingrid and David Ellen
Sangram Sisodia
Beth and Jeffrey Wilkens

14 Years of Giving
Lucy and John Barrett
Barbara and Paul Chan
Nicole and Lawrence Heath
Katharine and Robert Joyce
Mia and Tyler Newton
Sarah and Jed Nussdorf

13 Years of Giving
Leonard Bernheimer
Roy Cisneros
Delma Broussard and Raymond Johnston
Daniel Dolan
Daniel Hogan
George Jacob
Christopher Klipstein
Lisa and Edward Lovejoy
Jennifer and Scott Mackesy
Lucia and Brian Mathias
Polly and Terry O'Toole

12 Years of Giving
Fred Bass
Brian Gourlie
Eric Grossman
Ann McGowan
Beverly and David Rayfield
David Sibrinsz
Martha and David Slosburg
Joyce and Jack Sweitzer

11 Years of Giving
Elyse and Parker Douglas
Aggie and Tom Kurtz
Emily and Justin Lungstrum
James Craig Paris
Jukka Perkiomaki
Eileen and Phillip Pheiffer
Linda and Jim Robinson
Soo and Raj Venkatesan
Eric Werner

10 Years of Giving
Meg and Doug Braff
Stephen Brushett
Amrit Kanwal
Michael Pierce
Cathy and Albert Tierney

9 Years of Giving
Bruce Adams
Elizabeth and Sean Carney
Donna and Maurice Heckscher
David Hillman
Julie and Bruce Menin
Julia and Patrick Miller
Ernest Thurmond

8 Years of Giving
Douglas Donahue
Caroline Ellison
Greg Gadient
Martha and George Kellner
James King
Holly and Marshall Pagon
Tracey and Shanin Specter
Ming Tang
Nancy and Christopher Tatum
Rebecca and James Zug

7 Years of Giving
Rina and Vishal Bhagwati
Peter Dunne
Elizabeth and Tom Dupree
Aaron Harsh
Felix Hsu
Taylor Quick
Jean Rose

6 Years of Giving
Brooke and E. Wells Beck
Carlyn Lettan and Joseph Capella
Maureen and Peter Heffernan
James King
Rose-Marie Klipstein
Alix and Keith Morgan
Kirsten and Andrew Pitts
Hope and Dave Prockop
William and Kendra Raine
Sarah and Spencer Robertson
Georgia and Blair Sadler
Alicia Stoddard
Vasisht Tadigotla

5 Years of Giving
Sue and Carl Bell
Connie Buckley
Austin Edwards
Jodie and Andrew Fink
Carole Grunberg
Binney and Jeff Huffman
Andrew Mahony
Samuel Oh
Quirine and David Okonkwo
Paul Raether
Joshua Schwartz
Carrie and Chris Shumway
Laura Trevelyan and James Goldston
William Villari

4 Years of Giving
R. Clark Amos
Marjaleena and Jonathan Berger
Shirley and Michael Bishop
Chris Burrows
Leslie Cameron
Jamea and Frederick Campbell
Susan and Gui Costin
Chiara Edmands
Averell Fisk
Julia and David Fleischner
Lars Gertsen
Mitch Guthman
Marion and Frederick Kneip
June Leavy
Wenping Li and Zhongrong Chen
Michelle and Bill Marvin
Manish Pandit
Maine and Bill Park
Michael Phillips
Susan Culican and John Pruett
David Reiss
Robert Robinson
Joshua Harry Ross
Eva and Matt Rutherford
Fuchu Shen
Bilal Sitwat
Herbert Smith
Isanna and Ilya Voloshin
Eddie and Winnie Wen
Carole and Jay Weitzman
Herbert Smith

3 Years of Giving
Shruddha Agarwal
Marcie and Nick Alexos
Nicole Anderson
Carey and Gordon Anderson
Susan and Ralt Bohn
Adrienne Brandriss
Holly and David Brown
Eric Choi-Seem
Jeffrey and Lauren Collins
Stephen Craxton
The Daly Family
Parker Davis Sr.
Lisa and Ned Edwards
George W. Edwards III
Haswell Franklin
Jack Gaghan
William Gaynor
Laura and Chris Holter
Jeff Kelter
Cynthia and Michael Kilgallon
Leslie Hom and James Kingsbury
Jonalie and Michael Korengold
Maria and William Lin
Sue and Stephen Mandel
Hillary and John McAtee
Annu and Raj Navani
Scott Poirier
Benjamin Stapleton
William Stocker
Dennett Wilkens
Marnie and Stephen Worth
Diana and James Yacobucci

2 Years of Giving
Ahmar Abbas
Joanna and Luke Albright
Philip Anstey
Mary Michael and Thiru Arunachalam
Rachel and Chris Baker
Jennifer and Taran Bakker
Melinda Berkman
Suzanne and Derick Betts
Anuj Bhagwati
Richard Boardman
Stephanie and David Body
Melissa and Sebastian Boulan
Avery Bourke
William Broadbent Jr.
Tracy and Spencer Brog|
Karen Buchholz
Alice and Christian Bullitt
John and Julie Burke
Walter Burke
Raiha and Arshad Burki
Dr. Alex R. Burt
Suzanne and Jim Cabot
Nicole Gagnon and Marco Caffuzzi
Mary Beth and William Casey
Christine and Kenneth Chiang
Mimi Choksi
The Choo Family
Shane Coleman
Brendan Contant
Lyn Lang and Langdon Cook
Carl Cummings
Margaret and J Garrett DeGraff
Katharine and Rohit Desai
Grant Dewey
David Elder
Judith Ward and Anthony Evnin
Robert Falk
Ruth and Lawrence Favro
Frank and Nancy Fazzinga
Sarah and Christopher Fey
Leah and Michael Finkelstein
Leslie Fahrenkopk Foley
Toby and Robert Folman
Wendy and William Foulke
Christine and Jonathan Fouts
Allison and L. Scott Frantz
John Frazier
Regina and Bob French
John Gaghan
Eliot Gersten
Thomas Gowen
Peter and Laura Grauer
Clifton Gray
Shauna Graziano
Kathleen Sharkey and John Greco
Nancy and Stephen Green
Tracy and William Greer
Ann and Douglas Grissom
Rabika Gullapalli
Chris Haley
Ingrid and David Hang
Scott Harrison
Kate and Bradford Hastings
John Hatcher
Diana and Mark Hayden
Douglas Herrman
Robert Hetherington
Jeffrey Hine
Susan and Brett Holey
Lesley and Joseph Hoopes
Hinds Howard
Ralph Howe
Penny and AC Hubbard
William Hubbard III
Deborah and Gray Huffard
Garry Irwin
Francis Johnson
Cary and Michael Keigher
Bruce Keil
Eileen and John Kim
Nina and David King
Debra and King Knox
Julia Spillane and Nick Kokiko
Jeanne and Tony Lai
The Lake Family
Edward Lanphier
Steve Lantos
Deborah and Stephen Lee
Douglass Lee
H. Chase Lenfest
Pat and Nicholas LePore
John Lewis
Jing Li
Graham Lord
Oivind Lorentzen
Meg and William Mangan
Roger Mann
Christine and Christopher Manning
Philip and Marcia Marcus
Barbara Martinson
James Marver
Christiane and Paul Matuch
Sarah and Ross Mazo
Malcolm McAvity
Betsy and George McFarland
David McGuire
Barb and Joseph McKee
David McSorley
Keith Merrill
Augusta and Scott Merrill
Carolyn and George Meyer
Christina and James Minnis
Jennifer and Robert Moll
Rita and Robert Murray
Kate and Tyler Nelson
Andra and Elliot Newman
Wendy Nolan
Claire Werner and Justus O'Brien
Constance and Jonathan Old
Brian Olson
Thomas Opladen
Brendan O'Rourke
Robert C. Osborne
Susie and James Parsons
Radhika and Anuj Patel
Gerald Peters
Steven Polikoff
Dan Reagan
Elizabeth Alsop and Timothy Ronda
Stapley and Charlie Russell
Albert Sanchez
Charles Sargeant
Heather and John Schloss
Virginia Vaughan Schmidt
Anuradha Sethi
Graham Sharman
Michael Silipo
Eric Silverman
W. Scott Simonton
William Simonton
Jenny Sozzi
Frank Stella
Toni and Rama Subramaniam
Mike Sze
Catherine and Dave Tompkins
Elaine and Chi Ubina
Carlyle and David Upson
Dan Veiner
Lisi and Robert Vincent
Sally and Fred Wakeman
Joe Walia
Robert Weinstock
Elizabeth and Sam Welch
Herbert and Dee Winokur
Laurie Hannah and George Witter

*All names shared are current as of 1.10.24. If you see an error, please contact us so we can correct it at