Sportsmanship, Excellence and Class of 2023 Celebrated at Junior Awards Ceremony

2023 Junior Sportsmanship Award Recipients, back row l-r: Grace Fazzinga, Riya Shankaran, Aiden Chiang, Omair Athar. Front row, l-r: Graeson Smith, Peter Pierce, Kaylee Li, Vivienne Sze

US Squash celebrated commitment, excellence and sportsmanship in junior squash and the graduating senior class at the 2023 US Squash Junior Awards Night Saturday, March 18.

The Junior Awards Night was held following the U.S. Junior Squash Championships semifinals and featured the presentation of the DeRoy Sportsmanship Award, Age Division Sportsmanship Awards and the William T. Ketcham Jr. Award for most improved player.

The Age Division Sportsmanship Award recognizes players who had displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season.

2023 Sportsmanship Award:
GU11: Kaylee Li
BU11: Graeson Smith
GU13: Vivienne Sze
BU13: Peter Pierce
GU15: Riya Shankaran
BU15: Omair Athar
GU17: Grace Fazzinga
BU17: Aiden Chiang

William T. Ketcham Jr. Most Improved Award recipients

The William T. Ketcham Jr. Most Improved Award is given to players who have shown extraordinary commitment to the sport while significantly improving their game.

2023 William T. Ketcham Jr. Most Improved Award:
GU11: Katia Dreyfus (53 positions)
BU11: Chad Valerio (42 positions)
GU13: Meredith Fan (49 positions)
BU13: Stanley Hu (146 positions)
GU15: Anthea Lin, Amy Kim, Beatrice Bullitt (45 positions)
BU15: John-Jayden Luo (80 positions)
GU17: Alexandra Stoddard (39 positions)
BU17: Roman Parisi (43 positions)
GU19: Charlotte Jones (39 positions)
BU19: Marcus Lee (52 positions)

The ceremony ended by recognizing the graduating class of 2023 and families graduating from junior squash. Peggy Stefanoni, mother of Lucie and Marina, addressed the crowd and reflected on her family’s journey in junior squash that began with baseball. Stefanoni recounted meeting Peter Blatchford, father of Team USA’s Olivia Blatchford Clyne, at her son’s baseball game, who suggested her young daughters take up the sport.

Class of 2023 graduating seniors

Watch a replay of the entire ceremony below: