Charles M. P. Brinton


The top player in the 1940s, Charlie Brinton was an early pupil of Bill White at Merion Cricket Club. His junior and senior years at Princeton he won both the intercollegiates and the nationals, as well as leading a team of Stan Pearson Jr., Hastings Griffen and Cal MacCracken to the Ivy League title. After the war, he won two more nationals and the inaugural Harry Cowles in 1947. Partnering with Don Strachan in 1946 and Stan Pearson Jr. in 1948, Brinton took two dou­bles titles. For many observers there was no finer stylist in the history of squash than Charlie Brinton.

National Champion 1941, 1942, 1946, 1947
National Doubles Champion 1946, 1948