Bunny Vosters

Bunny Vosters (1919-1999) was one of the greatest squash doubles players in history. A top tennis player (she reached the quarters at Forest Hills in 1948 and went on to capture more than forty U.S. national titles), Vosters took up squash in her forties. She won eleven National Doubles titles, tied with Hall of Famers Diehl Mateer and Alicia McConnell for the most all-time (she also lost twice in the finals). She was also the oldest person to ever win a U.S. national open squash tournament—she won her first title at age forty-three in 1962 and her last title in 1977 at age fifty-eight. Playing with Jeanne Classen, Betty Meade and her daughter Gretchen Spruance, Vosters was an irresistible force on the right-wall. Vosters was a top singles player, ranked as high as third in the nation. She was a longtime board member of the women’s association, representing her hometown of Wilmington, Del.