The World Squash Federation (WSF) recently accepted Club Locker as the exclusive World Championship Event Software and SPIN Database Management Provider. In addition, Club Locker will be among several providers to serve as a WSF Certified Event Software, enabling SPIN verification and allowing results to be imported into Club Locker from other nationally accredited tournaments and leagues from around the world.

Following the WSF’s recent Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Cairo, Egypt, WSF CEO Andrew Shelley announced the timeline for the rollout of Club Locker, including transitioning the SPIN database and importing World Championships results later this year, Worlds/Regionals event registrations via a revamped SPIN profile management interface and application programming interfaces (APIs) for importing results from other systems early next year.

This fall, Finland Squash adopted Club Locker as the software system to operate its national federation, following England Squash’s announcement last year. Since then Squash Canada has also announced its adoption of Club Locker. Each country is in a different phase of rollout given the varied legacy technologies involved.

The Club Locker technology platform was initially developed for use in the United States by US Squash and is now being offered to squash organizations globally through an international Technology Collaborative in support of the broader mission of growing participation and encouraging lifelong engagement in squash.  The comprehensive Club Locker system offers a range of integrated functions including all aspects of tournament and league management as well as a globally relevant rating and ranking system, membership and database management capabilities and facility reservation and program management modules.

There is no fee to adopt the software, and the onboarding and basic service and hosting is included in all pricing. Countries, counties, clubs and facilities are able to set the fee structures for their own hosted instances of the software. A 2.5% transaction fee is applied to all charges made through the system, as well as any credit card fees. This model allows countries and clubs to innovate at every level without being constrained by upfront or ongoing costs.

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Club Locker has since been spun off from US Squash as its own software firm named Reciprocitie which licenses it as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product to US Squash and other entities in support of the broader mission of growing squash participation and lifelong engagement in the sport.