PlayLA Squash Activity Heating up This Summer

Junior players from the PlayLA program took part in a week-long summer camp at the Arroyo Secco Racquet Club

The PlayLA Youth Squash Program, delivered in partnership with the LA Recreation & Parks Department and SoCal Squash, has begun a new eight-week summer session following the conclusion of a successful spring session.

Utilizing outdoor handball courts, Chevy Chase Park and the Pecan Recreation Center hosted eight-week sessions this spring with all sessions at their capacity. Each course offered immersive lessons for ten PlayLA students by trained volunteer instructors from SoCal Squash, and the program in total has reached more than 100 youth. Chevy Chase Park started a new Summer Squash program session in July that will run through September.

Nine students who took part in the Winter and Spring sessions were invited to participate in a week-long squash camp at the Arroyo Secco Racquet Club in July. The valuable experience was the first time the students played on a regulation squash court and received instruction from professional coaches. The juniors, aged from 8-10 years old, participated in a series of different drills and games in the mornings and played matches in the afternoons.

“I’m having fun playing different games with my friends and learning how to hit the ball more consistently,” said Alysson Soltero, an eight-year-old from the Pecan Park program.

“I like hitting the ball on a real squash court, and doing solo practice was a lot of fun,” said Carlos Arvelo, an eight-year-old from the Chevy Chase program.

“Everyone had a great time and showed great progress throughout the week, learning how to play different shots and court movement,” said Gus Cook, an organizer for SoCal Squash. “Moving forward a number of the players will be invited back to the club to join regular junior clinics on the weekends to help continue their development. Many thanks to Reza, Aria and the entire coaching team for all their enthusiasm and support of this program.”

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