Amanda Sobhy Opens Up on Struggle With Eating Disorder

Trigger warning: This video contains discussions about eating disorders. If you or someone you know needs advice or support, please visit:

Team USA’s Amanda Sobhy has opened up publicly on her struggles with an eating disorder in an interview with the PSA Foundation.

In support of the PSA Foundation’s recently launched health and wellness group, which sees players on the PSA Tour come together to support each other around mental wellbeing, Sobhy has decided to share her story and what she went through in this personal video.

“I give Amanda a ton of credit for the courage she has shown—by working through this massive challenge, for overcoming it, and for being so brave in telling her story,” said Kevin Klipstein, US Squash President & CEO. “We’ve always been proud of Amanda, and are even more so now knowing all that she has had to face without the support she and everyone who struggles with eating disorders deserves. By going public with her experiences, she will inspire and empower others to seek help. We are very grateful to Amanda for her leadership.”