Ball Collection Boxes Now Available from SquashCares

SquashCares, founded by Sydney Soloway in 2014 and now operating under the auspices of US Squash, continues to collect squash balls to be recycled and repurposed. Specialized used-ball collection boxes are now available and can be requested by clubs who are interested in participating in the program.

Soloway was inspired to found SquashCares after reading an article about a ball-blanket program in Finland. Having seen firsthand the benefit of weighted ball blankets for individuals with autism and ADHD through her own developmentally disabled first cousins who struggle with hyperactivity, Soloway decided she wanted to make her own ball blankets to help people with disabilities while keeping dead squash balls out of landfills.

Since SquashCares started in September 2014, it has collected over 18,000 dead squash balls. More than 500 volunteers at sewing events have sewn the balls into over 80 ball blankets. The blankets have been donated to autistic individuals and 12 organizations servicing hundreds of people with disabilities.

Clubs that are interested in participating in the SquashCares program can request collection boxes, pictured above, by emailing Balls and other equipment can still be mailed directly to:

c/o US Squash
55 Eight Avenue, Suite 1102
New York, NY 10018
(212) 268-4090

For more information, visit or email