The 2019 U.S. Junior Open Squash Championships finals are set at the McArthur Squash Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Watch all ten finals live, including commentary from Chanel Erasmus and Richard Millman on glass court, and follow live scores powered by Club Locker from 8:40am EDT on

View images from the semifinals here.

Glass Court 1 Finals Schedule:
GU15 8:45am: Lucie Stefanoni vs. Mika Bardin
BU15 9:30am: Tad Carney vs. Varun Chitturi
GU17 10:15am: Avni Anand vs. Molly Stoltz
BU17 11:00am: Christian Shah vs. Conner Stoltz
GU19 11:45am: Olivia Robinson vs. Elisabeth Ross
BU19 12:30pm: Thomas Rosini vs. Dillon Huang
Follow on: U17/U19 Awards Ceremony

Glass Court 2 Finals Schedule:
BU11 8:40am: Jack Elriani vs. Omair Athar
GU11 9:20am: Grace Lodge vs. Ariana Shah
GU13 10:00am: Sarita Popat vs. Eva Salzman
BU13 10:40am: Brandon Wang vs. Ahmad Haq
11:30am U11/U13/U15 Awards Ceremony

In addition to the finals on the two glass courts, follow live streaming on four side courts and live scores for all matches from 8am EDT.

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