US Squash relies on its members to forward its mission of supporting meaningful lifelong engagement in the sport. Rapid growth continues at the grassroots level, with participation increasing more than 100% over the last five years, and our Team USA strive towards the goal of “always on the podium” on the world stage.

Beyond our focus on participation and excellence, US Squash has placed a particular emphasis on sportsmanship. This core value of the sport is what makes being a part of the squash community so special, and our programs encourage positive behavior on and off the court. Several years ago, we revised the Code of Conduct and expanded it to include parents, coaches, and attendees. We strengthened our enforcement mechanisms and regularly send warning letters and issue suspensions in the case of repeat offenders. We elevated the recognition of sportsmanship with events like the US Squash Junior Awards Dinner and Character in Sports Day at the U.S. Open.

This coming season we will increase our collaboration with coaches, teaching pros and tournament directors to ensure we all have common expectations for conduct, and that each of us knows our roles in creating a positive competitive environment. US Squash deeply appreciates the efforts of our partners in the squash community who act at the forefront of efforts to deliver an exceptional experience for players at every level.

In addition this summer, our websites, inclusive of profiles, tournaments and scoring will all receive extensive upgrades as we expand the platform and seek to improve the member experience online.

Our progress is a direct result of your generosity. With our fiscal year ending June 30, we feel it is important you know that US Squash is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and we rely on contributions to make up 20% of our budget each year.  Your direct support for our programs has a significant impact on the quality of our services and allows us to innovate, and to invest in the infrastructure needed to support our growing squash community.

We hope you will consider contributing to US Squash to help drive our planning for next season. US Squash is grateful for gifts of any amount and sincerely appreciates the support of the community. Click here to make your 100% tax-deductible gift.