Appointments, By-law Updates and Re-Nominations

Following the summer 2016 decision by the US Squash Board to increase in the number of Directors from fifteen to twenty, the Board has now completed the work of filling the casual vacancies created.  The process spanned nearly two years and concluded at the association’s most recent meeting.

The resulting Directors include Francis Johnson of Charlottesville, VA, and Julie Menin of New York, NY, having been appointed to the Class 3 vacancies, Dan Dolan of Chicago, IL, and Bob Mylod of Detroit, MI, were appointed to the Class 2 vacancies, and Joe Dworetzky of San Francisco, CA, was appointed to the Class 1 vacancy.

For more information on US Squash’s current Board of Directors, please visit the “About US Squash” section.

By-law Updates

In the summer 2017, the Board amended Article VII, Section 9 regarding partial terms, allowing Directors to serve two full terms in addition to any time served if added to the Board to fill a casual vacancy.  The Board also increased the number of athlete representatives to five to ensure compliance with the U.S. Olympic Committee requirement to have national boards made of up 20% athletes, inclusive of casual vacancies, and ex-officio positions still yet to be filled.  This position will be filled by the Athletes’ Advisory Council in an upcoming meeting.

Re-Nomination of Class 3 Directors

During its most recent meeting, pursuant to Article VII, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Section 8, “Limited Term; Extensions.” section of the By-laws, the US Squash Board of Directors approved the re-nomination of all four Class 3 Directors to serve a four year term beginning July 1, 2018.  The four Directors are Francis Johnson, Praveen Kankariya, Julie Menin, and Shanin Specter.

In accordance with ARTICLE IV, the previously announced Annual Meeting of the Members will take place at the National Singles on March 10, 2018, at which the Directors will be formally elected.  Since 2009, the Board of Directors has also offered the membership the opportunity to assign a proxy online for the election.  The proxy voting process will be facilitated by the Nominating and Governance Committee and will commence Monday, March 5, and will last for a period of 48 hours.

For more information on US Squash, its governance structure and current Board of Directors, please visit the “About US Squash” section.