Reports courtesy of the College Squash Association. Image courtesy of Michael T. Bello/

Early afternoon report:

The College Squash Association’s 2013 – 2014 Individual Championships are underway.

Ramsay Cup (Women’s A Division): In the only five-game match of the opening round, George Washington’s Anna Porras advanced past Yale’s Shihui Mao (11-8, 11-6, 12-14, 7-11, 11-3). The following players advanced: Amanda Sobhy, Anna Porras, Libby Eyre, Haley Mendez,  Maria Elena Ubina, Yan Xin Tan, Anna Kimberley,  Anaka Alankamony, Millie Tomlinson, Haidi Lala, Michelle Wong, Catalina Pelaez, Kim Hay,  Nicole Bunyan,  Kanzy El Defrawy, and Danielle Letourneau.

Holleran Cup (Women’s B Division): The majority of Holleran Cup matches are currently being played. Mount Holyoke’s Sherouk Khefagy came from 0-2 down to advance past Hamilton’s Hilary Gray (9-11, 12-14, 11-5, 11-5, and 11-5).

Pool Trophy (Men’s A Division): The majority of players advanced in three games. The second round of matches will feature Ali Farag, Dylan Ward, Brandon McLaughlin, Samuel Kang, Nick Sachvie, Miled Zarazua, Karen Malik,  Moustafa Bayoumy, Ramit Tandon, Rishi Tandon, Tyler Osborne, Neil Cordell,  Abhishek Pradhan,  Mario M Yanez,  Ryosei Kobayashi, and Amr Khaled Khalifa. In a match up of brothers, Ramit and Rishi Tandon will play at 6 PM.

Molloy Cup (Men’s B Division): The majority of Molloy Cup matches are currently being played. Bates’ Darrius Campbell advanced in five games over Navy’s Mitchell Bottini (11-9, 11-8, 9-11, 3-11, and 11-6). Columbia’s Daniel Saleem also advanced in five games over Franklin & Marshall’s Brian Henry (5-11, 3-11, 11-4, 11-3, and 13-11).

Evening report:

The rounds of sixteen in the A Divisions and the rounds of thirty-two in the B Divisions concluded this afternoon.

Cup (Women’s A Division): The round of 16 saw a number of players advance in three games:  Kanzy El Defrawy (Trinity), Haley Mendez (Harvard), Catalina Pelaez (Trinity),  Amanda Sobhy (Harvard), Millie Tomlinson (Yale), and Maria Elena Ubina (Princeton). Penn’s Anaka Alankamony came back from 0-1 to defeat Trinity’s Anna Kimberley, and Cornell’s Danielle Letourneau also won in four against the Quakers’ Michelle Wong.

Holleran Cup (Women’s B Division):  There were a number of exciting matches in the round of 32. Penn’s Leslie Gill advanced in five over Columbia’s Colette Sultana. Another Columbia player came out on top of a five-game decision, as Grace Van Arkel sent Princeton’s Tara Harrington to the consolations. St. Lawrence’s Jillian Baker also defeated Mount Holyoke’s Randima Ranaweera in five. The round of 16 will be played tomorrow morning.

Pool Trophy (Men’s A Division): Princeton’s Sammy Kang and Cornell’s Nick Sachvie both rebounded after losing their first game in the round of 16 to win in four; Kang defeated Harvard’s Brandon McLaughlin, and Sachvie beat Trinity’s Miled Zarazua. Advancing in three games were Moustafa Bayoumy (St. Lawrence), Neil Cordell (Rochester), Ali Farag (Harvard), Amr Khaled Khalifa (St. Lawrence), and Ramit Tandon (Columbia).

Molloy Cup (Men’s B Division): Six matches in the round of 32 went the distance. Penn’s Rahil Fazelbhoy won in five over St. Lawrence’s Vir Seth, as did St. Lawrence’s Chris Fernandez over George Washington’s Andres de Frutos. Michael LeBlanc (Princeton) put in his second five-game match of the day to defeat Navy’s Jim Kacergis. Ben Leizman, another Tiger, also won in five against Sebastian Riedelsheimer (St. Lawrence). Dylan Cunningham’s (Franklin & Marshall) victory over Trinity’s Affeeq Ismail was another five-gamer, and St. Lawrence’s Ibrahim Khan came back from 0-2 to advance over Tufts’ Aditya Advani.