US Squash has released planned changes to its junior squash policies to take effect this fall. These enhancements are based on extensive feedback from players and stakeholders as well as in-depth analysis of participation data, and are designed to continue the provision of a safe, fair, inclusive and balanced environment for the junior squash community.

The goals of these improvements, the bulk of which will take effect September 4, 2019, include:

  • Ensuring a well-supervised, respectful atmosphere which also seeks to prevent injuries;
  • Establishing a fair, inclusive and accessible structure that grows development opportunities at both the grassroots and high-performance levels and ensures squash fits within players’ lives in the face of competing demands;
  • Capitalizing on growing participation and geographical diversity in competitive squash;
  • Leveraging the sport’s existing values and making the most of the connection between squash and education.

The changes affect three primary categories:

  • Tournament structure changes, involving adjustments to the size of tournaments and the numbers/method of allocation for each tournament type nationally;
  • Rankings enhancements to maintain mobility across ranking levels, including the following;
  • Process/Qualification Criteria improvements that, along with the rankings changes, are designed to ensure that players are competing at a level appropriate for their skill and age while lowering the barriers for families to access meaningful competitive opportunities.

Please click here to read the full details and rationale behind the planned changes.

Additionally, US Squash has a new online support module to improve service to its community. Click the blue “help” button at the bottom left of any page on the US Squash website to get started.