All players and coaches must comply with the US Squash Eyewear Policy which requires eyewear that meets ASTM-F803 standard at all times during accredited play. This applies to any activity on court during an accredited event, including practice and pre-match warm-ups. Standard streetwear glasses or spectacles do not meet the standard.

US Squash Eyewear Policy


The US Squash Codes of Conduct establish detailed guidelines regarding sportsmanship and conduct for players, coaches and spectators during all US Squash accredited activity. The Codes of Conduct apply to behavior both on and off court. By entering an accredited competition, the entrant agrees to accept and abide by the Code of Conduct, and acknowledges that any breach of the established guidelines may result in penalties applied by US Squash.

US Squash Code of Conduct


Officiating is an integral part of squash at all levels and is an important area to focus on for the game to flourish both recreationally and at the professional level. Anyone can become a referee. You just need a sound understanding of the rules together with excellent communication skills so that both the players and spectators understand what is happening.

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