Resources to Improve your Game

Recreational squash can be an enjoyable way to spend your time on the court, but once you have caught the squash bug there likely come a time where you want to improve. Squash is a very fun sport to just hit and run, but not many people enjoy it more when they get a win or two over their regular playing partners. So how do you take your game to the next level? It does not have to be a fully competitive level to begin with it can be a goal as simple as winning one game off a stronger player, or better yet I need to fix my grip so that my rails/drives are harder for my opponent to retrieve. Practice in squash along with many other things that you do in life helps this improvement. Below are resources that include a number of areas in in your game from fitness to technique with some exercises that can help practice on your won. If you are a consistent member at a squash club talk to your professional staff as well to see what instructional programming that they may have as well.