Recreational Squash

Recreational squash is incredibly important to the junior and adult squash system, because it not only acts at the on ramp to learning about the sport, but also offers players the opportunity to improve as squash players while providing a fun and social activity for players to make new friends in a safe and organized environment.   Recreational squash is considered to be all squash activities which are played at the club level. This is where a large portion of junior and adult programming will occur, as most players will first start playing at their local club and will continue participate in the programming available through their club. 

Is Recreational Squash Right for You?

Each players’ journey through their squash experience will be different and will reflect personal preferences, goals, and priorities. All players have different goals and time commitments/constraints, and levels of interest. Therefore, it goes to reason that players will engage in different ways and will have different pathways. 

Recreational squash is a great starting point for many players, as it allows players to remain local, requires a relatively low time commitment, and allows players to enjoy the general squash experience in a fun and convenient environment.   Although recreational squash is intended to focus on fun, improvement, physical activity, and meeting new people, it still offers competitive play opportunities through the clubs organized play programming. All clubs have slightly different offerings, but most clubs offer the following opportunities: 


Transition to Competitive Squash

Players who are looking for additional competition and player development opportunities may need to look outside of their local clubs and are encouraged to pursue the competitive tournament offerings.