After Your Event

The event is over for the participants however there is often outstanding paper work and payments that will need to be taken care of once have cleaned up your facility. Below are things that you should be wrapping up and a check list to help you close out your event.

After Event – Checklist PDF

Result Entry

Tournament Directors must enter results in draw formats only as the tournament is occurring. All results must be entered before 11:59pm in the time zone of the tournament on the last day of the event. Us Squash will assign finishing positions to the players who participated, so results need to be entered into the system by the end of the last day o f the event.

Conduct Reporting

Fill out incident reports as soon as they happen. If a player, parent, coach, or member observes a violation of a US Squash Policy, Guideline, Code of Conduct or Rule during a US Squash accredited event, he or she is encouraged to report it to the Tournament or Event Director (if applicable) or US Squash staff member if available. Tournament or Event Directors will then take appropriate action at that time, and in addition may in their discretion complete and file an Incident Report with US Squash.  Please click below for more information and how to submit an

Code of Conduct Report form

Sportsmanship Nominations

While it is important to identify violators of the Code of Conduct, it is equally important to identify players who exhibit exceptional sportsmanship and the ideals of the Code of Conduct.  If you witness a player exhibiting exceptional sportsmanship at a tournament, let US Squash know about it! If you have seen a player who has acted in an admirable way during accredited matches, please share the moment with US Squash.

Sportsmanship Nomination Form

Tournament Survey

A survey is sent out from US Squash to each junior participant who played in a junior event. US Squash allows 2-3 weeks for surveys to be filled out.  At this point result will be sent to you, and if there are any outstanding issues will be addressed at this time. Adult events are encouraged to send a tournament survey out to players to see how they can improve on their event for next time.

Tournament Director Feedback

In an effort to improve all aspects of managing tournaments with support from US Squash, we want to ask what improvements can be made current programming.  Please visit the link below to submit suggestions that would fix issues, make the software easier to use, or provide general recommendations to US Squash.

Tournament Director Feedback Form