Getting Started in Competition

When you start to sign up for events there are often a variety of things that you need to do so that you can sign up on line. Below is an outline and direct links to help you along the way.

US Squash Account and Membership

In order to sign up for accredited squash tournaments, players are required to have a US Squash account. Further, some adult events may also require a players to become a US Squash member, or you may have to pay a non-member fee.

Create An Account


Online Referee Exam

When playing in national tournaments, players could be required to act as the referee after completing a match. Therefore, understanding the rules of squash is incredibly important. Players who are looking to participate in National Championship and some accredited events (if the Tournament Director requires it) will need to take and pass the online referee exam before signing up for a tournament. The referee exam can be found on your player profile, under the certification section.

Sign Up to Play

If you would like to compete in a form of team squash League play is a great introduction to this. Players can create or join a league team, which is then scheduled to play head-to-head team matches against other teams within the league. Leagues are generally played over the course of a few months with matches occurring at regular intervals (e.g. once per week). Clubs may provide ways to get involved with an already established team that competes at an inter-club level. These leagues often play regionally and are established through clubs.

Find a League

As you start to expand your competition band, you may consider competing at skill level or age group events outside of your area. You can pick and choose what works for your schedule and how far you are willing to travel. These events are organized by the club host’s staff and played within their facility. Many adult accredited tournaments allow players to sign up to participate through the online tournament listing

Adult Tournament Info