Adult Tournament Types

Adult events can include both men and women players, however they may be limited to just one gender. Adult events can also be based on skill level or age group, possibly both. There are a number of options with Adult events, and tournament directors can choose to host as many or as few divisions in these two categories as they wish. Junior players are allowed to participate in adult skill events. Some juniors choose to play in these events to gain experience and possibly improve their rating.


Tournament Descriptions

Adult events offer opportunities to play at your skill level or age group on a local, regional, national and even international level.

Tournament Policies

All accredited adult tournaments follow the US Squash Adult Rules and Guidelines. The below guidelines represent the policies for National Championships and Guidelines that US Squash recommends accredited adult events follow.

*Components of the junior squash rules and guidelines may change from time to time; while changes will be communicated directly to the community, players and parents should consult the US Squash website regularly for updates. US Squash reserves the right to adjust at any time policies and guidelines if such a change is deemed necessary and appropriate to maintaining a safe, fair, inclusive, and balanced competitive structure.

Adult Rules and Guidelines