SquashBridge Seeks Executive Director

Job Posting: SquashBridge Executive Director
Bridgeport, CT

SquashBridge seeks a visionary and results-oriented leader to launch and lead what is expected to be the Squash and Education Alliance’s 21st member organization in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Executive Director will spend approximately one year preparing for the opening of SquashBridge’s new 15,000 square foot 8-court, 3-classroom facility located at 1691 Main Street, off of Route 8. With office space for up to 12 staff, the facility will include a three-wall glass show court visible from Main Street and Route 8, a multi-use athletic courtyard next to the 8 courts, and an outdoor steel squash court.

The ED’s pre-launch responsibilities will include forming school and other community-based partnerships in Bridgeport, hiring five or more staff, expanding SquashBridge’s Board of Directors, and raising $750,000+ in donations to supplement the organization’s existing $300,000 in reserves.

When the facility opens in the spring or summer of 2025, the Executive Director will have the dual charge of leading a best-in-class SEA program for elementary, middle and high school students and running a vibrant community squash center for people of all ages and backgrounds from Greater Bridgeport.

Qualities We Seek

Believer in the SEA Model – Commitment to the intensive, long-term youth development model that pairs squash with academic tutoring, mentoring, and travel for young people from under-resourced communities.
Organizational Leader – Proven success in leading people, building teams, implementing programs, and running day-to-day operations. Systems level thinker, strong entrepreneurial spirit with eye toward developing an organization with long-term health and sustainability.
Fundraiser and Revenue Generator – Skills and conviction needed to inspire philanthropic giving from individuals, foundations, and businesses, paired with a business mindset that can generate sustainable earned income and other revenue through memberships, lessons, events, and more.
Squash Evangelist – Passion for the game of squash and a deep desire to increase the sport’s accessibility, from recreational to elite level players, elementary schoolers to adults.
Youth & Community Developer – Passion for sports, education, youth development, and community building. Ability to build authentic and strong relationships with a wide array of people and community partners, especially across lines of difference.
Exceptional Character – Culturally aware and of the highest integrity, capable of building a new, inclusive, and welcoming center for wellness and personal development.

ABOUT SQUASHBRIDGE – SquashBridge will be a one-of-its kind athletic, educational and community center in Bridgeport for people of all ages and backgrounds, anchored by an intensive SEA youth development program that combines academic tutoring, squash instruction, mentorship, college access, and career development. SquashBridge will pursue a ‘no barriers’ approach to programming for its students, ensuring that they have the court access, coaching and support needed to become nationally competitive squash players, and that they have the dedicated classroom time, tutoring, and academic support to excel academically and have the option to go to college. SquashBridge will also expand the SEA model by launching seasonal and lighter dosage initiatives for children as young as five years old. The organization will have free and reduced-cost memberships for family members of its students, as well as other adults in Greater Bridgeport. SquashBridge will be a place where anyone can play squash and all are enthusiastically welcomed. Organizational and institutional partnerships will be core to SquashBridge’s success, with participants coming from nearby youth programs, schools, colleges, churches and other Bridgeport community organizations. SquashBridge has been incubated by and is partnered with the Squash and Education Alliance, which will own the new 15,000 square foot facility on Main Street and will absorb a portion of the building’s operating costs (management of facility operations will be the responsibility of SquashBridge). As a regional and national hub for the SEA network, the SquashBridge facility will have dedicated office space for up to five SEA staff and will regularly host SEA training camps and squads, staff and board retreats, meetings, seminars and conferences.

COMPENSATION: $125,000 – $150,000 salary, with opportunity for performance-based bonuses. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. SquashBridge is an Equal Opportunity Employer JOB START: Spring or summer 2024 (flexible)

FACILITY OPENING: Summer 2025 (tbd) Please email a cover letter and resume or nominations in confidence to Lauren Jillian Search and Consulting: executivesearch@laurenjillian.com. SquashBridge Board of Directors: Sahel Anwar, Jack Hellmann, Deborah Hodes, Ananth Krishnamurthy, Brian Mathias, Campbell MacColl, Charlie Merrill, Kim Morque, Doug Poling, Spencer Robertson, John Teitler, Kendall Webb, Tim Wyant SquashBridge Advisory Board: Luis Carrena, Julie Greenwood, Santi Moran, Shaun Moxham, Mark Nemec, Sabrina Smeltz, John Torres, Adam Walker

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