US Squash Expands Coaching Resources with Educational Modules

US Squash has introduced coaching education modules to supplement its core Coach Pass Program. The modules will serve as valuable resources aimed at supporting and professionalizing coaching across all levels from grassroots to nationally-ranked play.

Continuing education modules will offer further professional development opportunities to hundreds of coaches, the first of which has been created specifically to help coaches understand how to coach women and girls in squash. The Female Athlete features four sections: ‘The Female Athlete’, ‘Learning & Communication’, ‘Challenges’ and ‘On Court’.

US Squash is set to launch the remaining three Women and Girls Series continuing education modules over the coming months. Learn more about upcoming US Squash Continuing Education opportunities here.


The first series of this course covers the physiological, psychological, and emotional aspects relevant to coaching women and girls. Coaches may encounter situations where they need to adapt their coaching style for the opposite gender or work with athletes they are less familiar with. This series addresses the social pressures faced by female players and equips coaches to recognize and counteract these challenges. Additionally, it covers the physiological changes that occur as women and girls undergo development. Understanding these changes fosters a deeper understanding that enhances the coach-player relationship.

The coaching world has long recognized that successfully engaging women and girls in sport requires distinct knowledge and a different coaching approach than engaging men and boys. By providing training in gender-sensitive teaching methods, US Squash aims to help its coaches create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment which will help to retain female players in squash.

“We want to do everything in our power to encourage more female participation in squash, whether it be playing, coaching or refereeing,” said Linda Elriani, Senior Director of Professional Development and Programming. “Educating our coaches correctly is the right start towards increasing retention and engagement in our sport. If we all contribute towards this initiative, I truly believe we really can make a difference and bring so many new women and girls to squash as a lifetime sport.”

Women and girls play a central role in squash—as players, coaches, leaders, and visionaries—and the US Squash Women & Girls Initiative builds on this proud history with the goal of achieving full parity in play nationwide, while setting a new standard in the promotion of women and girls in squash. The initiative will continue establishing inclusive programs and practices, expanding access and opportunity, and embracing mentorships and role models who are creating the next generation of players, coaches, and leaders in squash.