Kellner & Tatum Honored with Fergusson Award at Century Doubles


(l-r): George Kellner, Ned Edwards, Kit Tatum

George A. Kellner and Christopher Tatum joined the A. Carter Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll as 2023 honorees. They were honored at the U.S. Century Doubles Championships on Saturday, January 14, 2023.

Kellner has been an avid squash player for more than a half century. He played on the varsity at Trinity College, graduating in 1964 and since then been a singles and doubles player in New York. For years playing at the Racquet & Tennis Club, he was nationally ranked in the top ten in his age group. In 2000 he helped launch the newly formed men’s North American professional doubles tour with his eponymous tournament in New York, helping anchor the tour and lead to the expansion of the game. In 2002 he also supported the creation of the ten-court George A. Kellner Squash Center at Trinity.

Kit Tatum grew up in Toronto, learning squash at the Granite Club before moving to the U.S. in 1971. He spent nearly a decade playing singles at the old Downtown Athletic Club before moving to the University Club of New York where in 2008 he founded the U.S. Century Doubles. The tournament is now one of the flagship weekends on the annual squash calendar. In 2010 he created the Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll.

Kellner & Tatum are close friends and longtime doubles partners.

The A. Carter Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll recognizes a lifetime of contributions and accomplishments, honoring those have demonstrated unbounded enthusiasm, competitive spirit and great sportsmanship and skill. The Fergusson celebrates the US Squash’s motto of “Fit For Life,” as honorees set the standard for a life and lifetime in squash. Carter Fergusson, a national champion and College Squash Association Hall of Famer, famously played in the National Singles for sixty-two consecutive years. With Kellner and Tatum joining the honor roll, there will be twenty-one Fergusson honorees.