Updates to COVID-19 Guidelines for Accredited Competitions

US Squash is committed as an organization to providing opportunities for our community to engage with the sport. This commitment is predicated on continued updates to risk-mitigation protocols as new information becomes available, and the status of the pandemic evolves.

We feel fortunate to have been able to host the U.S. Junior Open, held December 18-21 in Philadelphia, featuring more than 800 competitors across four venues. This was a bright spot during otherwise challenging times, and the squash community’s cooperation with our safety measures made the event possible. The layered approach of protection instituted for US Squash-accredited events—including vaccination requirements, masking rules, and testing—has been effective in allowing competition to continue this season.

As the pandemic again enters a new phase with the Omicron variant, US Squash continues consultation with our Medical Advisory Committee, regional partners, and the broader community to determine appropriate actions in response. Our protocols are designed to support the desire for many members of the squash community to engage in play and competition, while acknowledging that prioritizing the safety of the community requires ongoing adaptation to ensure all reasonable protective measures are in place to do so.

The following changes will be put in place effective for tournaments beginning on January 7, 2022. The increased testing requirements will be evaluated later in January based on rates of community transmission and other factors at that time:

  • All players in junior Bronze, Silver, Gold, and JCT events, and all players in adult and junior U.S. Championship events, must submit a negative result from a PCR or rapid antigen test taken within 2 days of the start of competition.*
  • US Squash strongly recommends (and expects) that all spectators, including coaches and family members who plan to attend an event are tested within 2 days prior to the start of an accredited competition. Spectators should also register that they will attend the event using the “Spectator, Coach and Family Member Sign Up” link on the tournament page.*

    Please visit this link for more information regarding acceptable tests. All information regarding how to upload test results can be found on the tournament COVID-19 Policy page on the tournament listing.

  • Masking on and off court remains strongly recommended, and players and spectators must comply with all local or facility rules regarding masking and other measures.

* Note that any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the 3 months prior to an event may have the testing requirement waived if they show proof of that positive test to US Squash

In circumstances where government or facility guidelines require additional protocols (or cancelation of an event) beyond US Squash regulations, accredited competitions must abide by those local rules along with US Squash policies.

US Squash will continue to evaluate our policies to emphasize safety, mitigate risk, and allow the community to participate in competitions at a level of engagement that makes the most sense for their personal situation. We remain grateful to all of those in the squash community who have come together and worked as partners in navigating these challenging circumstances together.

For more information and resources visit ussquash.org/covid-19-response.