The year 2020 will mark the 100th year of intercollegiate squash competition in the United States. This monumental anniversary arrives at just the right time, with the newly relaunched College Squash Association (CSA) poised to fortify the college game and lead it into a second century.

The restructured CSA has an independent board of directors and a full-time Executive Director. This leadership structure is now dedicated to creating and enforcing new regulations concerning eligibility, amateurism, and recruiting, as well as to fostering the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.

In order to maintain this exciting momentum, however, the CSA needs assistance from interested supporters of squash. The CSA is pleased to introduce the Founding Partners Campaign, a coordinated effort to secure the near-term future of the organization. Contributions to the Campaign from donors and sponsors will help enrich the student-athlete experience and retain the Executive Director, whose focus is emphasizing fairness and consistency in college squash and expanding the opportunities to play competitive squash on college campuses.

“We are so excited to embark on the Founding Partners Campaign during the 100th year of college squash,” says John Nimick, Chair of the CSA Board of Directors. “Both domestic and international interest around the college game is at an all-time high, and we are asking for our supporters to invest in the continued growth and development of the best team-based version of the sport in the world.”

The Founding Partners Campaign offers individuals, families, and companies the opportunity to align with the passion of college squash, to enhance players’ experiences, and to amplify the vibrancy of varsity competition. Donations of all sizes are welcome, but those made with a four-year commitment at predetermined levels are eligible to be aligned with one or more of the CSA’s premier assets.

“We are so grateful for the first example of a campaign pledge and the impact it can have,” says David Poolman, Executive Director and League Commissioner of the CSA. “The Schiller Family welcomed the opportunity to present the Skillman Award in honor of their father, Sheldon Schiller, a fantastic sportsman and player. The Schillers’ support exemplifies the meaningful connection families have with college squash and how important it is to secure the future of our game.”

Founding Partners who commit to contribute to the Campaign for at least a four-year term will be featured on the CSA website for the duration of their commitment. Their initial support will also be memorialized elsewhere on the website and in CSA collaterals in perpetuity.

Please consider donating to help kick off the CSA Founding Partners Campaign. All general inquiries, as well as requests for more details about specific gifts and sponsorship opportunities, should be directed to General contributions can be made using this link – DONATE TO COLLEGE SQUASH ASSOCIATION – or via check made payable to Intercollegiate Squash Association, Inc.