As of January 1, the World Squash Federation (WSF) rules of singles squash have been adjusted regarding the timing of the warm-up at the beginning of a match. The warm-up is now limited to a maximum of four minutes; the players must change sides after two minutes unless they have already done so. The previous rule allowed five minutes of warm-up. The new four-minute rule takes effect immediately for all accredited play, including tournaments, leagues, and scholastic competition.

Players also are required to share the ball during the warm-up. The rule states: “The players must have equal opportunities to strike the ball. A player retaining control of the ball for an unreasonable time is warming up unfairly and Rule 15 (Conduct) must be applied.” All players should be aware of their responsibility to engage in a cooperative warm-up with their opponents.

Reminders for all timing rules:

  • Play must be continuous as far as is practical
  • Warm-up: 4 minutes
  • After warm-up, and between each game: 90 seconds
  • Equipment change: 90 seconds maximum, but must be completed as quickly as possible
  • Injury/Illness/Bleeding: timing intervals vary based on the situation; players should familiarize themselves with the rules or consult with referees, their teaching professional or tournament staff if they have questions regarding a specific circumstance

The rule change is in immediate effect for all levels of play. View the full 2019 Rules of Squash here.