Women’s Squash Week

In 2008, New York’s Jessica Green and Emily Stieff started “Women’s Squash Night” as a way for New York Squash to build growth in women’s squash. In 2011, after four successful events in New York, AJ Copeland reached out to Stieff to put a similar event together in Washington, DC. In the fall of 2012, the night turned into a nation-wide celebration—Women’s Squash Week.

After being forced to skip a year in 2020, Women’s Squash Week returned in September 2021 with events across the country encouraging players to re-engage with the sport after pandemic restrictions began to loosen. The goal of all events during this week is social, not competitive, play to inspire women and girls to get back on court after the summer, reconnect with old friends, and introduce new female players to the sport. For the first time, the 2022 Women’s Squash Week was capped with the inaugural Women and Girls Summit, held at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center in Philadelphia.

Women’s Squash Week not only brought players out in droves to local events, but it has helped spawn more participation in weekly round robins, league teams, and the development of new teams to participate in the Howe Cup and other national competitions. Women’s and Girls’ squash nights help to dramatically increase local tournament and league play along with the number of females seen on court at the clubs on a daily basis. They provide a welcoming and social introduction for those beginner players which in turn helps to build a strong community of women’s players.

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The 2023 Women’s Squash Week will take place September 18-24 to celebrate and promote women’s and girls’ squash around the world. Individuals, clubs, and programs are encouraged to host an event in their area to get women and girls of all ages to get on court and play. Be a part of the movement as we strive towards parity in participation and lifelong, healthy engagement in squash for women and girls!

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Marketing Ideas

Here are some ways your program can get its members involved for Women’s Squash Week!

Women’s Squash Week Ideas

Campaign Tags

Use #WomensSquashWeek and #SquashTheGap across all your social media activity to help amplify the campaign and be sure to tag @USSquash on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Themes, Graphics and Templates

Throughout the week, we will focus on re-engaging female players in squash activities following the many challenges of lockdowns and restrictions. We hope to engage and inspire more women and girls to start their squash journey, or take their squash to another level.

Use suggested images and wording to push the themes on social media channels:


Squash makes you feel stronger physically, mentally and gives you the confidence to achieve your goals. Start your squash journey with us during #WomensSquashWeek <insert link to your website>.


Getting together and having some fun on court is what squash is all about, you can make friends for life. Get involved during #WomensSquashWeek <insert link to your website>.


Squash is energetic and makes you feel on top of the world. Challenge someone you know to a game of squash during #WomensSquashWeek <insert link to your website>.


Whatever your age, gender or background, squash is a sport where everyone can take part together. Come and join our #WomensSquashWeek activities <insert link to your website>.


The squash community will have you hooked and your involvement can last a lifetime. Start your journey with us during #WomensSquashWeek <insert link to your website>.