Organized Play

US Squash is pleased to offer the Play Squash program to provide league administrators with the tools to manage their leagues and ladders, as well as drive participation in their club or district.

All Organized play is supported on Club Locker and is available on player profiles.


Box Leagues

Box Leagues encourage friendly competition among a variety of players and helps players find opponents at their approximate skill level. Players can schedule their own matches against all the opponents in their ‘box’ and post their own results.

Participation in Box Leagues requires a moderate level of player commitment. Participants in each box change at the end of each stage based upon wins and losses according to customizable league scoring rules. During each stage, current standings are recorded. At the end of each play stage, the player(s) with the highest total scores in each box (except the highest box) will ascend to the next highest box. The player(s) with the lowest scores in each box (except the lowest box) will drop to the next lowest box. The middle player(s) will remain in the same box.

For the second stage, each box will have a new mix of players. New players can be easily added to and existing players removed from the league between stages to accommodate players with limited availability. A typical Box League will have three stages of one month each in duration, making up a complete cycle.


Challenge Ladders

Challenge Ladders allow organizations to automate the reporting and tracking of their ladder play results.The administrators are able to create the initial ladder based on players’ skill and publish local ladder rules online.

Depending on the Ladder rules, participation in the ladder will require a medium or low level of commitment by a player. Players can make a challenge for a new position on the ladder via email, facilitated by the system, to the opponent and schedule their own match. Standings are changed once the match result is entered.

The ladder order is based on the results of head to head match play. If desired, the administrator may set up the ladder so that other US Squash league matches also count as Challenge Ladder results if a head-to-head match occurs outside of the Challenge Ladder.