Tournament Accreditation Fees

Tournaments accredited by US Squash will incur a support fee. The amount depends on the type of tournament and the registration method.

All tournaments directors will be provided support from dedicated US Squash tournament staff.

US Squash Tournament Support Services

Junior Tournament Fees
  • Bronze – 20% US Squash accreditation, 2.5% Club Locker, 2.9% Stripe
  • Silver – 27.5% US Squash accreditation, 2.5% Club Locker, 2.9% Stripe
  • Gold – 37.5% US Squash accreditation, 2.5% Club Locker, 2.9% Stripe

Tournament directors will not be charged accreditation fees for junior players who are identified as SEA member program students.

Adult Tournament fees

Online registration: 

  • US Squash Accreditation Fee = 15% per transaction (paid to US Squash)
  • Stripe Fee = 2.9% + $0.30/transaction (collected directly by Stripe – not paid to US Squash)
  • Non-Member Fee* = $15/player

The non-member fee is charged for any player who participates in an adult tournament who is not a member of US Squash through the last day of the tournament.


Entries collected and registered manually

Manual entry of players in junior accredited events is only allowed in exceptional circumstances. In this case the 27% accreditation fee to US Squash still applies and will be invoiced separately.

  • US Squash Accreditation Fee Adult events = $5/player (current member of US Squash)
  • Non-Member Fee = $15/player (surcharge for players whose US Squash membership is not current through the last day of the tournament.


Accreditation Fee Payment and Timelines

Online registration: 

Entry fees are automatically paid to tournament director minus the US Squash accreditation fees and the Stripe transaction fees at the time of payment.
Therefore, no financial reconciliation is necessary for tournaments who choose to use US Squash’s online entry system to register players.

Entries collected and registered manually

2-3 weeks after your tournament: US Squash will email you an invoice for your accreditation fees involved in running your tournament. The email will be sent to the address listed for the Tournament Director. Tournament Directors are responsible for monitoring their emails during this period and if for some reason they have not received an invoice (spam filter, change of email address, etc.), it is their responsibility to contact US Squash. If the Tournament Director would like their invoice earlier, please make a request in writing to at the conclusion of the tournament to expedite the process.

3-6 weeks after your tournament: Tournament Directors are responsible for paying their invoice during this time back to US Squash via credit card or check. Instructions on how to pay the accreditation fees are attached to the invoice emailed to the tournament director. Payments not received within 6 weeks after the completion of a tournament are subject to late payment fees.

Late Payment Fee: For every week payment is outstanding past six (6) weeks following the tournament completion date, a $25 late fee per week will be imposed. Payment of all dues and late fees must be made prior to future accreditation. If the Tournament Director or the facility has an event already accredited for later in the season, the tournament may be removed from the calendar until payment is received.

Tournament Cancellation Fees

Accredited tournaments cancelled within 21 days of the start of the tournament may incur a $150 fee. The reason for this fee is to hold Tournament Directors accountable for developing a realistic tournament schedule, not to penalize Tournament Director’s whose tournaments do not get enough participants. If the latter is determined to be the case, the fee will likely not be applied.