Stripe Information

Stripe is a third-party online payment processing company, which is fully integrated with the US Squash and Club Locker software. Stripe allows tournament directors to collect payments through their tournament Club Locker profile. These are then deposited directly into the  connected bank accounts.

The online registration system saves tournament directors and organizers a tremendous amount of time and energy and offers the following features and benefits:

  • Digitizes entry forms, eliminating the need to maintain and organize paper entry forms.
  • Collects payment instantly via credit card, removing the hassle of tracking and depositing checks.
  • Places the entrants immediately into their requested division, reducing the administrative workload of searching for players and adding them into draws manually.
  • Allows the tournament director to collect online payments.
  • Software automatically generates financial reports for each tournament.
  • Accreditation fees are paid as a percentage of each entry transaction, removing the need to for invoicing and payment at the conclusion of the tournament.
  • Entry fees are automatically deposited into the tournament director’s Stripe account, which can be used to offset tournament expenses.
  • Refunds can easily be issued when necessary to the credit card that was used in the transaction.

Since all online entry fee transactions are processed using Stripe, tournament directors will need to create a Stripe account. Once a tournament has been approved, a tournament director can easily create a stripe account, or link the tournament entry to an existing stripe account, through the online tournament accreditation form.

Stripe FAQ’s

Creating a New Stripe Account

When creating a new Stripe account, it can be either connected to the individual’s (tournament director’s) bank account, or to the club’s (business) bank account. There is no standard for this, so tournament directors will need to decide which bank account makes most sense to connect to.

Tournament directors can create a Stripe account directly through the online tournament accreditation form by

Step 1: Login to your US Squash account

Step 2: Go to the online tournament accreditation form by  Clicking here


Step 3: Click the blue “Connect with Stripe” button at the top of the screen

Step 4: Enter all requested information – please note that you will need to provide bank account information such as account number and routing number

Step 5: Click the “Authorize access to this account” link at the bottom of the screen

Connecting an Existing Stripe Account to your Tournament

Tournament directors who have an existing Stripe account can easily link the Stripe account to their tournament, allowing them to collect online entry fee payments, when filling out the online accreditation form.

Step 1: Login to your US Squash account. Please note that the US Squash account needs to also be connected to the existing Stripe account.

Step 2: Go to the online tournament accreditation form by Clicking here

Step 3: Use the drop down in the “Stripe Account” field to select your Stripe account. Please note that there will be several options here:

  • Your Stripe Account (will appear as what you named it in the creation process): select if you would like to collect online payments for the tournament entry fee.
  • Free Tournament: select if you would like to allow players to enter your tournament online without needing to pay an entry fee.
  • Payments are handled offline: select if you would like to collect entries and enter them into the tournament manually.

Step 4: Complete the remainder of the online tournament accreditation form.

Step 5: Click “Submit” at the end of the form.