NAO/GO Scholarship Fund

In partnership with US Squash, the North American Open Doubles & Greenwich Open Singles, held every January in Greenwich, CT, supports the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to participants in urban squash programs as they elect to attend private secondary schools or college.  The urban squash programs around the United States provide substantial academic support for kids who also play squash. For many of these young men and women private secondary school or college is a significant next step that can only be possible with financial aid – especially now as many academic institutions are reducing financial aid programs. The NAO/GO Fund will make an important difference in the education of these young men and women as a result of the generous support of tournament patrons.

To become a patron of the NAO/GO, click here.  For information on the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund, please click here or call 212-268-4090.

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2014-2015 – Report on the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund

After another successful Chilton North American Open Doubles and Greenwich Open Championships in January 2015, US Squash is pleased to provide an update on the important fund this tournament established. The NAO/GO Scholarship Fund, founded in 2010, has made a substantial impact on the lives of young people from inner-city communities who participate in NUSEA programs.

The thoughtfulness that led to the founding of this fund is something we at US Squash are proud to help facilitate and be a part of.

Grants from the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund are meant to supplement and enhance the scholarship funding that urban squash program participants receive from the urban squash program, the beneficiary’s school and other sources. This financial assistance is provided as the students elect to attend private secondary schools or college. Specifically, the funding is intended to offset the tuition, room or board costs the student will incur, but has not received adequate funding from other grants or scholarships to cover.

The NAO/GO Fund, which to date has awarded more than $91, 400 in scholarships over the past five years, makes a life-changing difference in the education of these young men and women as a result of the generous support of tournament patrons. While US Squash can certainly try to share the impact the fund has made, the 2014-2015 recipients can say it best.

“Based off of my family’s income, the option of attending a private school seemed very dim and unlikely. Being granted the US Squash scholarship enables me to attend Friends Select School and receive a better education than what I was receiving at my old school. Being granted the privilege of the scholarship helps my family and me ensure my future and pursue my education to its full potential.” – Colesto Williams

“I love it here at St. Lawrence. My classes are hard but I am getting help from everyone. I can. I’m playing squash and meeting a lot of awesome people. If it wasn’t for this scholarship, I wouldn’t be at St. Lawrence University right now, making friends, playing squash and taking two of the most challenging classes I’ve ever experienced, in other words, having the best time of my life.” –Losangela Batista

Being at Canterbury has been a crazy roller coaster and I never want to get off. I can’t see myself at a different school, with a different community, or with different people. Canterbury is simply the best, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides my home.” I’m deeply grateful for this scholarship because it has given me the opportunity to stay at the school where I’ve made memories that I will carry for the rest of my life.”-Alanis Perez

“I would like to thank US Squash for granting me a scholarship to help me attend Denison University. With the squash season coming up, my academic course load, and the new diverse surroundings, I can say that I’m tremendously grateful to be here. Thank you US Squash for granting me a scholarship, decreasing the financial burden of my college tuition on my family, and making Denison University a reality for me!”
– Khadijah Muhammad

The 2014-2015 grant recipients were:

Student’s Name NUSEA Program School Year in School
Losangela Batista SquashBusters St. Lawrence University Freshman
Khadijah Muhammad METROsquash Denison University Freshman
Alanis Perez Squash Haven Canterbury Senior
Colesto Williams SquashSmarts Friends Select School Freshman

For 2015-2016, Alanis Perez has graduated from Canterbury freeing up 1-2 opportunities. We have reached out to NUSEA programs to submit qualified candidates and they have returned applications. Announcements and grant disbursements will be processed in the summer of 2015. Previous years distributions are as follows.

Fund Summary:

NAO/GO FUND Distribution
FY 10
   FY 11 20, 500
   FY 12 20, 500
   FY 13 15, 500
   FY 14 15, 500
   FY 15 19, 400
TOTALS 91, 400

Clearly, the impact of the NAO/GO Scholarship Fund is tremendous and has changed the lives of deserving young people. US Squash is proud to provide this report and be a part of this program that has the ability to change the lives of NUSEA program participants.

Submitted by: Kevin D. Klipstein, President & CEO