U.S. High School Team Squash Championships

The U.S. High School Team Squash Championships is the national scholastic team competition played in February each year and draws upwards of 200 high school teams from all leagues across the country.

The U.S. High School Team Championships have been taking place since 2005, with participation levels dramatically increasing since that time.  Since the first National High School Team Championships took place in 2005, participation has increased from 16 teams in one division for boys, to more than 160 teams in several divisions for boys and girls. The Justi Cup is the top boys’ division trophy, named in honor of Melinda Justi of Philadelphia, PA who started the event. The Patterson Cup is the top girls’ division trophy, in honor of Bryan Patterson, a longtime advocate of girls junior squash.

Eligibility Criteria
  • All participants must be current US Squash members through the last day of the tournament.
  • All participants are required to have passed the correct age appropriate referee exam before the start of the tournament.
  • Each team must have a minimum of seven (7) players on their roster in order to compete. Matches are played with seven players from each roster.
  • Each team may roster a maximum of ten (10) players. This means three alternates may be rostered and would be permitted to play in a tournament match.
  • All participants must be currently enrolled and attending classes at the school they will represent.

NOTE: All players are expected to have participated on their team over the course of the scholastic squash season and US Squash reserves the right to disallow participation of any individual player who is deemed to have not played an active role on their team.

NOTE: Teams comprised of players from multiple schools may be permitted to compete if their school district and individual schools sanction the team as having varsity status and if that team competes in an accredited US Squash scholastic league.

NOTE: Middle school aged players may be allowed to participate on a high school team if a formal request is submitted to US Squash ( tournaments@ussquash.com) for approval. In these cases, the Middle School must feed directly into the High School and the middle school player must declare which team – High School or Middle School – they will be participating on at team National Championships. Players will not be permitted to play in both the High School and Middle School Championships.

  • Co-ed teams are permitted to participate in the High School Championships in the Boys’ division.
  • Each school may enter only one team per gender (i.e. one boys’ and one girls’ team).
  • Teams must enter results through Club Locker against a minimum of four (4) different opponents before February 10, 2020. Play against a team’s own school (i.e. School A Varsity vs. School A JV) does not count towards the required number of opponents.

NOTE: In circumstances where a school is geographically isolated from other schools and is unable to play in four (4) matches against different opponents prior to the February 10, 2020 deadline, US Squash may provide an exception to waive the minimum match policy. Schools that believe they fit into this category must contact US Squash at tournaments@ussquash.com and ask for an exception before the regular registration deadline.

NOTE: Teams must have their matches scheduled on their Club Locker team pages prior to the regular registration deadline.

  • Team and player participation in the tournament is at the discretion of US Squash.