College Showcases








CSA Reminders about College Showcase Events

Purpose: To give high school players who are interested in playing college squash the opportunity to play safe, competitive matches which can be viewed and evaluated remotely by interested college coaches for recruiting purposes.

What: A series of local and regional events (as allowed by host states’ health guidelines), closed to high school players, at US Squash COVID-19 self certified facilities.

How: First come, first served registration. One day event, structure to be customized to number of players and court capacity. Players guaranteed at least 2 best-of-five matches. Players will be expected to referee.

Where: All host facilities must be certified by US Squash and CSA as COVID-safe, with appropriate health and safety measures in place.

Livestreaming: Matches will be live streamed and recorded.

Protocols: Players must wear face coverings at all times while in a facility, including on court during match play with approved eyewear. Matches to last a maximum of 45 minutes with a 15-minute window for cleaning and sanitization. No parents or coaches to be allowed in the facility during an event.

Additional Benefits:

  • All players to have access to a private video playlist showing their matches, which can be used to support any outreach to college coaches.
  • As an approved CSA/US Squash College Showcase event, all college coaches will be invited to watch the livestream or view recorded video.
  • All matches to be live scored and logged on Club Locker, meaning the matches will result in a ratings exchange.

CSA Compliance:

  • Access to livestream and player information must be presented in a consistent, standardized format for all coaches.
  • All CSA coaches must be granted access, if they desire it, and any fees charged to the coaches for access must be the same for everyone.
  • Showcase organizers must not provide subjective evaluations of any participants (written or oral) as a benefit of the showcase. Only standardized, consistent information provided to all coaches is permitted.
  • All match-ups during the showcase should be given equal attention on the livestream platform and in distribution of recorded video.