Junior Tournament Structure

Note that the points based junior tournament structure is currently suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. It has been replaced by a ratings based system.

Interim Junior Ratings Based Ranking  System


The Points Based Junior Tournament Structure

The junior tournament structure is built as a pyramid, offering many opportunities to compete at different levels. The lower level tournaments are smaller and generally cater to local players. The higher level tournaments are larger, and attract players from across the country, making these tournaments national level tournaments.

As one progresses up the junior tournament pyramid structure, the ranking points offered will increase, while the number of tournaments available will decrease. Therefore, the higher-level tournaments will attract the best, highest ranked players from around the country. The pyramid structure aims to provide players with meaningful competition and player development opportunities commensurate to their ability and ranking at each level of tournament.

Progressing Through the Tournaments Structure

The points offered at each level of tournament is structured in a way where there is overlap in points between each level of tournament. Therefore, the top finishers in one level will earn more points than the bottom finishers of the higher-level tournament. This overlap creates a system of mobility, which allows players to progress up through each level of tournament.

Therefore, players can progress into higher level tournaments by increasing their rankings. And players can improve their rankings by performing well at the level of tournament in which they can currently qualify into. It is the continued ranking improvement which will allow players to progress through the tournament levels to the higher points earning events.

Junior Tournament Types

Junior Championship Tour (JCT) Tournaments:
Highest level of junior tournament, which attracts the best players from around the entire country. US Squash accredits 5 JCT tournaments each year and each event is played over the course of three full days.

Gold Tournaments:
Advanced level of tournament, which attracts highly ranked players from many regions across the country. US Squash accredits roughly 28 gold tournaments each year and each event is played over the course of two to three days.

Silver Tournaments:
Intended for players from across an entire region. Silver tournaments cater to intermediate players who are looking for increased levels of competition, higher ranking points opportunities, and player development. US Squash accredits roughly 80 silver tournaments each year and are played over the course of two days.

Bronze Tournaments:
Smaller, one day tournaments, which are aimed at locally based players to begin establishing their junior ranking while earning tournament competition experience. Generally played on Saturday or Sunday only. US Squash accredits roughly 100 junior bronze tournaments across the country each year.