Squash Doubles Week

The 2022 Squash Doubles Week aims to engage players of all ages and skill levels for events, round robins and clinics to promote and grow the doubles game.

Facilities are encouraged to host local activity that highlights the social aspects of doubles to get players back on court after the summer, reconnect with old friends, and introduce new players to the sport.

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Squash Doubles Week

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The 2022 Squash Doubles Week will take place October 15-23 to celebrate and promote doubles in North America. Individuals, clubs, and programs are encouraged to host an event in their area to get players of all ages to get on court and play. Our campaign this year is focused on re-engaging doubles players in squash activities following the many challenges of lockdowns and restrictions. After a tough year, what better time to connect and get back on court?

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Download the Squash Doubles Week logo to use in digital and print promotion.

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Marketing Ideas

Here are some ways your program can get its members involved for Squash Doubles WeekSpecial Offers and Event Ideas 

  • Bring-a-friend-for-free offer: encourage your members to bring a friend for free to any activities the club is hosting. 
  • Special offer for doubles players: allow doubles players to use the courts for a reduced price or for free during the week. 
  • Host a tournament or festival: introduce more players to competition (remember to keep it fun, informal, and social). 
  • Organize a have-a-try day: you could approach the tennis section of your club or reach out to gym users in your center. 
  • Link up with a new partner in your community: this could be a business, community group or other sports sections at your club. 
  • Host a parent/child day: invite the families to have a go.
  • Women’s or Men’s night – play a round robin, one game to 15 and rotate partners. Wine/beer tasting during or after play.
  • Mixed squash night – play a round robin, one game to 15 and rotate partners whether with a significant other or someone new.

Promote Your Event 

  • Promote your Doubles Week activities in the lead up to the campaign. 
  • Use the suggested social media posts to promote Doubles Week. 
  • Share stories from your club during Doubles Week. 
  • Always use #SquashDoublesWeek so US Squash can repost your messages. 
  • Boost posts on Facebook to reach a wider audience. Paying to boost your post allows you to select your demographic to local squash players. 

Social Media Examples 

  • It’s here! The wait is over, #SquashDoublesWeek 2021 has OFFICIALLY begun! Find out more about this international campaign which aims to squash players to step on the double court after the many challenges lockdown and restrictions caused. #DoublesForLife 
  • Calling players of all ages and skill sets – round up four players and play in the #SquashDoublesWeek event at! #DoublesForLife 
  • Want to meet new friends and get fit? Join the #SquashDoublesWeek event! #DoublesForLife 

Spread the word throughout your club and community! 

Campaign Tags

Use #SquashDoublesWeek across all your social media activity to help amplify the campaign and be sure to tag @USSquash on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Themes, Graphics and Templates

Throughout the week, we will focus on re-engaging players in squash activities following the many challenges of lockdowns and restrictions. We hope to engage and inspire folks to start their squash doubles journey, or take their game to another level.

Use suggested images and wording to push the themes on social media channels:


Doubles is the fastest, athletic and most exciting racquet sports. Start your doubles journey with us during #SquashDoublesWeek <insert link to your website>.



Getting together and having some fun on court is what squash is all about, you can make friends for life. Get involved during #SquashDoublesWeek <insert link to your website>.



Squash is energetic and makes you feel on top of the world. Challenge someone you know to learn the doubles game during #SquashDoublesWeek <insert link to your website>.



The squash community will have you hooked and your involvement can last a lifetime. Start your journey with us during #SquashDoublesWeek <insert link to your website>.