Adult squasprovides opportunities for players of all levels a way to get fit, play with their friends and meet new people. Programming allows players to pursue their own path based on abilities and level of interest. There are options for recreational and social squash, competitive and tournament squash, team and league squash. These are all ways that players can stay involved from the beginning with this life-long sport. 

There is no one pathway that all players take. However, the best way to get started is to get on court and begin playing. A lesson with the squash professional at your local club can be a great introduction to the sport. The club pro will be able to offer technical advice and also a plan for development, so make sure to leverage their help. Many players also start out with “solo” sessions on court to better learn the sport, experience the movement and swing, and to gain confidence hitting the ball consecutively while running around.  After this introductory period where players are increasing their squash literacy while experiencing the fun of playing, many will move on to playing with a hitting partner. Once players are comfortable playing with an opponent or hitting partner, the options for squash programming opens significantly. 

The game of squash can be improved on by simply getting on the court and playing. After getting started, players can choose what type of programming best meets their needs. There are many ways to participate in squash and players should choose whichever works best for their individual situation. Additionally, it’s worth noting that many players choose to participate in many of these different pathways simultaneously.  The main options to consider are: