USOC National Coach of The Year

The USOC National Coach of the Year is a coach of an elite-level club, collegiate, Pan-Am or World Championship team or the coach of an elite athlete who competes at the highest level of the sport. US Squash annually selects a coach of a middle school, high school, collegiate or national team. This coach has exhibited leadership, excellence, character development and mentoring at the highest level.

Past Recipients


2017                         Mike Way
2016                         Laurent Elriani
2015                         Geoff Mitchell
2014                         Jim Stephens
2013                         Scott Devoy
2011                         Natalie Grainger
2010                         Martin Heath
2009                         Jack Wyant
2008                         Adam Hamill
2007                         Chris Walker
2006                         William McNally
2005                         Mark Allen
2003                         Sharon Bradey
2001                         Aidan Harrison
2000                         Demer Holleran
1999                         Benoit Desombre
1998                         Paul Assaiante