Zerline Goodman

Brooklyn, NY | Candidate to serve as a Class 2 Director –

Zerline is the managing partner of the firm that she founded in 1993, which concentrates on residential real estate and business and personal law services. A graduate of Albany Law School, she advises clients on a wide range of real estate matters. For the last two decades, Zerline has served as the President of Coop Board for her 27-unit building and as a Small Claims Court Arbitrator for Brooklyn Civil Court.   Zerline is the recent past president of the Yale Squash friends organization. She was a 4-time All-American at Yale (’84) and led Yale to the national championships her senior year. She played a key role in support of the Tournament of Champions in the late 1990s and early 2000s and most recently served on the College Squash Association’s Board of Directors from 2017-2023 where she chaired the Rules and Regulations Committee. Zerline has served as the Chair of the US Squash Judicial Committee since July 2023. Her children all participated in junior squash and her son remains involved as a junior coach.