US Squash Rings Nasdaq Closing Bell

Image: Nasdaq, inc.

US Squash, the nonprofit governing body for the sport of squash in the United States, rang the Nasdaq Closing Bell at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square Friday, January 12.

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The visit coincided with a pivotal moment for squash following the sport’s recent news that it will be included as the only new individual sport in the LA28 Olympic Games and the kick off of the 26th annual J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions taking place from January 17-25 in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

In honor of the occasion, Kevin Klipstein, President and CEO of US Squash, Olivia Blatchford Clyne, professional Squash Player and six-time Team USA member, and Simba Muhwati, a U.S. Junior National Coach and Squash Director at the Harlem-based Street Squash community program, rang the Closing Bell.

Senior US Squash officials will head to Los Angeles next week to meet with the local squash community to help build the southern California squash network, share news about planning for the LA28 Olympic Games, and gather information from the community to start the process of shaping a vision for the future of squash in the region.