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by Dan Hogan
What do you have when you pit Milo Miller, a fast rising twelve-year-old, against a declining, soon-to-be eighty-year-old, Dan Hogan, in an early round of the 3.5 division of the 2023 Massachusetts Squash Championships? For one thing, a sixty-seven-year age gap. This possibly was the biggest age difference ever between two opponents in a U.S. Squash-sanctioned tournament.
Miller won deservedly and handily:11-6, 11-8, 11-4.
For me it was a second such unusual age-related match. The first occurred in 2000, when my twelve-year-old daughter Haley Hogan won the Massachusetts under-13 state championship, while I, at fifty-six, won the 55+. No one knows, of course, but it might very well have been the biggest age difference of any parent …
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