PlayLA Squash Program Prepares for Spring and Summer Sessions

The PlayLA Squash Youth Program, delivered in partnership with the LA Recreation & Parks Department and SoCal Squash, will offer spring and summer sessions continuing the regional momentum built from the capacity sessions over the winter and fall.

Utilizing outdoor handball courts at Chevy Chase Park and the Pecan Recreation Center, the two locations hosted seven sessions over the fall and winter months, introducing seventy Los Angeles students to the sport. Each eight-week session offered immersive lessons for ten PlayLA students by trained instructors from SoCal squash, who prepared for the program through the US Squash Train-a-Trainer initiative last fall.

New eight week sessions are set to take place at the Pecan and Chevy Chase locations on April 13 and April 19, respectively, and summer sessions are planned for mid July. Following the popularity of the program, a new Venice Beach park location will offer a session at the end of July. Students will take field trip to the LA Squash Academy later this spring.

“We were thrilled with the engagement from the local communities which resulted in capacity sessions wherever they were offered,” said Sakora Miller, US Squash Senior Manager of Community Programs. “We’re excited for the upcoming sessions that will introduce more new players to the game and provide an opportunity to showcase the sport in new locations. A special thank you to our partners SoCal Squash and LA Recreation & Parks, and our volunteer coaches who are passing along their passion for the game to the new players.”

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