Kevin Luzak

Jackson, WY | Ex-Officio | Ends 2025

Kevin Luzak is a managing partner at LWJ & Co Capital Management, a multi-family investment platform. Prior to forming LWJ, Kevin was the president and CEO of Coastal Forest Resources Company. He has also been a partner at the UK based private equity firm Doughty Hanson & Co, a senior managing director at the multi strategy hedge fund Ritchie Capital Management, and a senior advisor to the investment banking firm of Gleacher & Company. He started his career in the investment banking department at Salomon Brothers Inc in New York.

Kevin serves on the investment committee of of Waterman Ventures in Providence, RI and has served on numerous corporate boards. He is the vice chair of the WestEdge Foundation in Charleston SC, and serves on the governing council of The Wilderness Society in Washington DC.

He chairs the Squash Doubles Association Pro Tour and was a director of Chucktown Squash in Charleston, SC. Kevin graduated magna cum laude with honors in economics from Brown University in 1986.