Sportsmanship and Excellence Celebrated at Junior Awards Dinner

2022 Sportsmanship Award Recipients, l-r: Eedha Mehta, Lara Kim, Charlotte Sze, Mero Elmarassy, Rubens Schwarz, Carlton Capella, Reed Goulding, Sarita Popat

US Squash celebrated commitment, excellence and sportsmanship in junior squash and the graduating senior class at the 2022 US Squash Junior Awards Night Saturday, March 19.

The Junior Awards Night was held following the U.S. Junior Squash Championships semifinals and featured the presentation of the DeRoy Sportsmanship Award, Age Division Sportsmanship Awards and the William T. Ketcham Jr. Award for most improved player.

The Age Division Sportsmanship Award recognizes players who had displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season.

2022 Sportsmanship Award Recipients:
GU11: Lara Kim
BU11: Reed Goulding
GU13: Charlotte Sze
BU13: Carlton Capella
GU15: Eedha Mehta
BU15: Rubens Schwarz
GU17: Sarita Popat
BU17: Mero Elmarassy

2022 William T. Ketcham Most Improved Award Recipients. Front row, l-r: Arhaan Barboza, Sarah Thiru, Hana Elbaz, Anderson Morgan, Johnny Wyant, Riva Bhagwati. Back row, l-r: Anika Kakarla, Johan Hodgson, Aiden Shap, Maryam Mian, Arhan Chandra.

The William T. Ketcham Jr. Most Improved Award is given to players who have shown extraordinary commitment to the sport while significantly improving their game. Each recipient displayed the largest ranking increase from September 8, 2021 to February 23, 2022.

2022 William T. Ketcham Jr. Most Improved Award:
GU11: Hana Elbaz (32 positions)
BU11: Anderson Morgan (26 positions), Arhaan Barboza (26 positions)
GU13: Sarah Thiru (29 positions)
BU13: Johnny Wyant (66 positions)
GU15: Riva Bhagwati (27 positions)
BU15: Aiden Shap (58 positions)
GU17: Maryam A Mian (39 positions)
BU17: Johan Hodgson (41 positions)
GU19: Anika Kakarla (16 positions)
BU19: Arhan Chandra (20 positions)

Watch a replay of the Junior Awards Night with full remarks and presentations on the US Squash Youtube channel below. Select Junior Nationals Live Stream Day 2 East Court Stream from the 11:15:00 mark.