COVID-19 Policy Reminders: January 2022

Despite the challenges posed through the recent pandemic surge, US Squash remains committed as an organization to providing opportunities for our community to engage with the sport. This commitment is predicated on proactive risk-mitigation protocols as new information becomes available, and the status of the pandemic evolves.

The squash community’s cooperation with protocols and safety measures—including vaccination requirements, masking rules, and testing—makes the continued hosting of accredited competition possible. US Squash thanks all players, families, coaches, and facilities for their partnership in this effort.

Full requirements, rules and protocols are available at the link below. The policies page is always the most up-to-date resource for current policies for accredited competition, including COVID-19 mitigation:

US Squash Participation Policies

Important COVID-19 policy highlights include:

  • All players in US Squash accredited tournaments, including junior and adult events, are required to submit proof of full vaccination
  • For all junior and adult U.S. Championships, and all junior accredited tournaments, players must submit evidence of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 2 calendar days of the first day of the tournament. For all other tournaments, evidence of a negative COVID-19 test is strongly recommended.
  • All spectators or coaches are strongly recommended to take a COVID-19 test before the start of a tournament.
  • All players and all spectators are strongly recommended to wear a mask at all times on and off court. Local or facility guidelines may require masks for all players and/or spectators in some instances.

In circumstances where government or facility guidelines require additional protocols (or cancelation of an event) beyond US Squash regulations, accredited competitions must abide by those local rules along with US Squash policies.

US Squash will continue to evaluate its policies to emphasize safety, mitigate risk, and allow the community to participate in competitions at a level of engagement that makes the most sense for their personal situation.

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